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[embed][/embed] 1982 this very young Band from Bolzano (Italy) was formed. 1984 The Band sign a deal with the major Label CGD M.Milano. 1986 the first album DIRTY ARMADA. Their concerts in Italy and Austria received numerous positive reactions from audience and critics. 1988 with their second album “PICTURES OF...


[embed][/embed] Early history Formed in 1997 by singer and front-woman Morgan Lacroix. In 1999, Lacroix recorded a demo album, with four songs. In 2000, Lacroix was introduced to singer, guitarist and composer Terry Horn. The result of this artistic union was the debut album Fairy Tales from Hell's...


[embed][/embed] The band was formed in 1995, when the Caruso brothers (singer Enzo Caruso and guitarist Frank Caruso) decided not to continue with their Hard rock project with Firehouse to form a new band with different musical influences from groups like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen,...