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More Hate Productions

More Hate Productions

Artist: More Hate Productions
Labels: Label, More Hate Productions

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Label MORE HATE Productions (MORE HATE Productions!) Was established in 1999 on personal savings Sergei “Lazar” (participant Stonehenge, Rossoamahaar, Katar, Arkona) and Alex “Duke” Kantemirova (Member Tales of Darknord, Rossoamahaar, Katar, Der Gerwelt) initially to implement the group’s first album Rossomahaar “Imperium Tenebrarum” on the CD, which at that time played both the founder of the label. CD Album Rossomahaar “Imperium Tenebrarum” was enthusiastically received by audiences the world underground and then commercially successful release, Alex decides to Cantemir is not restricted only to this release and release the funds received from the sale of the first release, a number of his musical projects and Lazar, and over time, and other black and death metal bands. Since then the label was released MORE HATE many Russian bands in the genre of death / black / pagan metal, as well as groups from Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Italy and many others



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