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Artists: Blasphemous Records, Mortado
Labels: Bands, Blasphemous Records
Genre: Metal

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The MORTADO project started somewhere in 2018 when MANUEL TOGNI (drummer of ALEPH, SOULPHUREUS, SPELLBLAST and deluxe sessionman for artists like ULI JON ROTH, BLAZE BAYLEY, KEE MARCELLO, DOOGIE WHITE) contacted GIANLUCA “GL” PEROTTI (singer and rhythm guitarist in the very beginning of MORTADO), after he had left EXTREMA for personal reasons, after a 30 year long artistic partnership.

GL’s career deserves a spot of its own, here, since he was the charismatic frontman and leader of one of the absolute top metal bands Italy has ever seen. With EXTREMA GL recorded six studio albums, three Eps, one live album (even on DVD) and a “best of” album, besides many singles (including two major chart-climbing ones in collaboration with mainstream hip hop artists ARTICOLO 31).

And still the picture gets even more interesting looking at the live activity: EXTREMA, when still in their prime, opened for italian biggest rock act VASCO ROSSI and for METALLICA, MEGADETH e SUICIDAL TENDENCIES in 1993 in Turin; played SONORIA FESTIVAL 95 with FAITH NO MORE, PAUL WELLER, ROLLINS BAND, PARADISE LOST AND BIOHAZARD; participated at SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2006 with ALICE COOPER, DEEP PURPLE, DEF LEPPARD, ANVIL, ARCH ENEMY, CATHEDRAL, CELTIC FROST; toured Europe with DEATH ANGEL in 2008; opened for MOTORHEAD in 2009; played at VANS SPRING CLASSIC 2013 with MILLENCOLIN in 2013 and several ITALIAN GODS OF METAL FESTIVALS. In addition GL released two albums with REBEL DEVIL and one with ALLEHELLUJA.

At first, GL and Manuel were focused on writing more catchy and even commercial music in the field of rock and metal music, and a first line up was born to fulfill that goal; but it soon proved clear that the two founding members had a stronger attraction for the tough, uncompromising edge of the BAY AREA THRASH METAL they both grew up with.

So, GL called no one more than Manuel back into the building and finally gave life to MORTADO in the way you can listen to now, a project and a name GL had kept in his mind for 30 years. Soon after, Simone Franzè and Stefano Franzè were recruited on bass and lead guitar (both of them live members in the bands of Dennis Stratton, Blaze Bayley and Will Hunt). The completed line up started then working on the songs of the first record and shot their first video and  single, “Rupert the King” (directed by Daniele Farina, responsible for the videos of the major italian metal artists), which will be the title of the album as well.

The record was funded by the fans through a Music Raiser campaign, recorded by Carlo Meroni at the A.D.S.R. studio in Milan and will be released by BLASPHEMOUS RECORDS.

“RUPERT THE KING” will finally be out on April 26 2019: many gigs will follow, starting from the release party at the Slaughter Club in Milan on April 27. The huge request for MORTADO concerts is evidence of the hype surrounding this newborn exploding band




Label: Blasphemous Records



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