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From the union of various professionals in their respective fields such as Music Industry Executives, Musicians, Music Managers and already established agencies active in Booking, Audio&Video Production and Distribution for over 20 years, two brand new entities are finally born, one on the Music side and the other on the Distribution side, both ready to kick off:
Music For The Masses Records and Music For The Masses Distro
Music For The Masses Records is an actual collective, a Group, gathering labels and bands working in synergy to carry on with the production, the release and promotion of physical media, growingly dismissed and put aside in favor of different (digital) formats. Specifically, Music For The Masses will deal with all the Rock/Hard Rock releases of the Group, while Blasphemous Records will have to do with the most extreme ones (Thrash, Death, Black
Metal). Every release will be promoted by Grand Sounds (Promotion Partner of Overkill, Vader, Batushka and more) all over Europe. The labels of the Group are distributed in Europe by Code 7 and Music For The Masses Distro and in partnership with other Companies in Japan and in the U.S. for everything related to the physical media. But, speaking of the digital format, we’re also distributed worldwide thanks to our partnership with
Furthermore, time has come for the opening of Music For The Masses
DISTRO, the first distribution organization not only open to record labels, but also open to the bands themselves. Music For The Masses Distro
This is a new portal and distribution service directly connected to Shops, Distributors, Wholesalers and Private Users to enable an easier distribution of the record releases by Independent Musical Entities. As you know, European fans and aficionados don’t often buy
releases from overseas and the rest of the world because of the prohibitive shipping costs. On the other hand, European users are always in search of further distribution possibilities in order to make their product more easily available for as many people as possible. That’s the reason behind the concept of Music For The Masses Records; and the true revolution
is that it is open to both record labels and bands who want to see their CDs distributed NOT EXCLUSIVELY in Europe.
Music For The Masses Distro is open to all genres, literally from Pop to Black Metal, and we’re in contact with shops dealing with every kind of musical style and form. Furthermore, distribution activities will be advertised on our channels and through our newsletters, directly
aimed to shopkeepers and private users, starting from our consistent, huge Database of over 16000 contacts.
Music For The Masses Distro is not a distant entity, extraneous and unrelated to your project, but a Partner, working with You.
Please remember that Music For The Masses Distro can also provide worldwide Digital
Distribution for Your products. So: propose us your works and projects in whatever format, physical or digital.
Music The Masses Distro is gonna grow along with You.