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Stop my heart

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The band was founded by singer Olga “Dark Princess” Romanova.

Its debut album Without You was released in 2005. The songs on this album were written by Mikhail Karasyov and Mikhail Guzz from the band Forgive-Me-Not. Also in 2005, the band released a demo, Stop My Heart, which also included songs from Without You.

In 2006, Dark Princess released a full-length album titled Stop My Heart. A 2008 review by the German Sonic Seducer magazine noted similarities to bands like Evanescence but also original creativity, and praised Olga Romanova’s singing as “remarkably competent”.[1]

In 2007, the band released its third album, The Brutal Game. Since 2008, the albums have also been distributed in Central and Western Europe.

In 2008, a double CD was included in the heavy-metal magazine EMP that consisted of the band’s first two albums, Without You and Stop My Heart. In the same year, the band participated in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In February 2008, Romanova, citing personal and organizational problems, left the band and was replaced by Natalia Terekhova.

In April 2012, the band released a new album, The World I’ve Lost. After the release of this album, longtime drummer Denis Stekanov (also known as Ghost) left the band for unknown reasons.

In 2014, the band Dark Princess broke up.

In 2020, Olga Trifonova (ex-Romanova) regained the Dark Princess brand and in the summer of 2020, she began working on the new album “Phoenix,” which is planned to be completed by February, 2021. This is a symbolic date for Dark Princess. The number of songs in the album is also not an accident: there will be 13 (11 songs in English and 2 bonus tracks in Russian) – one song for each year when Olga was deprived of the opportunity to create under her creative pseudonym Dark Princess


Gothic Metal from Russia


1 Cry
2 Stop My Heart
3 One Last Goodbye
4 Please Betray Me
5 Join Me In Life
6 The Deepest Fall
7 No Pain
8 Close To The Sky…
9 Endless Dead Time
10 The Pyre’s Song
11 Нас Больше Нет
12 Жестокая Игра

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Format: CD Digipak

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Stop my heart

  1. From Metal Archives: Well, this is surely not the most original release in modern gothic metal. There is a female singer in gothic dresses, whose only unique feature is her lower voice and her hair red instead of orange, the obligatory male growls, obligatory ballads, lyrics about nothing but love struggles and obligatory references to suicide and a general sound that doesn’t know if it wants to be like Evanescence or like Theatre of tragedy. Those deservedly obscure guys have covered every cliché in the book. Then why do I enjoy it?

    I guess Dark Princess proves that you don’t always have to be original or to write great lyrics to appeal to me. The fact that they are so following the rules of the genres and not trying that hard gives them a somewhat reassuring, friendly tone. Simply put, it doesn’t take big efforts to listen to this, and sometimes, you need to hear something not too challenging but still nice. I guess I like this the same way I like books like “Dark Swan” or “Fallen”.

    And it’s actually not really bad. Despite not much originality and poorly written lyrics, it’s pretty nice. The female vocals are quite lower and more dramatic than what is usually heard in cliché gothic metal, and quite good. While she’s not extraordinary, she can sing. I like that the music is quite guitar-oriented. The album starts off with a heavy riff, and every song has a solo. Although there are 2 ballads, the album generally has a good rocking sound. Instead of being completely flooded with keyboard and boring piano, it has a more modern rock, post-grunge sound. Yes, modern rock, this might put a lot of listeners off. But surprisingly, it’s this modern rock flavor that makes them more entertaining than their more keyboard-driven counterparts. Because, considering the modern state of gothic metal, even Nickelback has more energy than your average female-fronted unoriginal symphonic-gothic metal band. Hum, am I deliberately trying to spread controversy?

    However, one obvious flaw of this album is the lyrics. They are usually over-dramatic and and sometimes a bit… awkward. “Now, breathe if you can breathe, use your chance to leave”, “All the truth I hear in your eyes, all the fears I’ve tried to excise”. Huh? Quite often, they make no sense, I can’t really grasp what they are trying to say.

    But I’ll say it again, music is OK. So if you’re ready for some radio-friendly and easy on the ear, entertaining but not to complicated…

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