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Tales of the Sacrosanct Man



They called it quits in 1995, but in 2017 the band members of Die Sinner Die (with in their ranks mostly former members of the Belgian
thrash metal band Dead Serious) got back together. The band members, more than 20 years older but with even more enthusiasm than before, started writing
new songs. Influenced by various musical styles that each of the musicians had brought, a kind of grunge infused doom metal emerged. A number of
experienced musicians were brought in to reinforce the whole: Eddy Scheire on keyboards made his entrance and gave the whole a more epic touch. Filip De
Wilde was brought in as the new vocalist. The second song the band wrote was entitled ‘The Cult of Scarecrow’, actually a metaphor for a religion, a sect, that
worships wealth and luxury. The members liked the title of the song so much that it immediately became the band’s new name. In November 2018, the selftitled debut EP was released, containing 4 songs, accounting more than 30 minutes of music. Nothing was left to chance: it was recorded and mixed at
Oceanside Studios by Ace Zec, who previously worked with the likes of Spoil Engine and Diablo Blvd. This debut EP was very well received everywhere.
Especially the ‘dark atmosphere’ on the record and the strong song structure were very much appreciated and the album rightly received rave reviews. Shortly
after the release of the album, drummer Jeannot Schram moved to Greece, left the group and was replaced by Nico Regelbrugge. With Nico in, a good number
of gigs and festivals were completed. In the meantime, new material was written, ever evolving, layered and more accessible. Due to Corona, almost all
performances in 2020 were cancelled. Rehearsals and songwriting were forced to be put on the back burner. And finally keyboard player Eddy Scheire decided
to quit. He was replaced fairly quickly by Robbie Eelbode. After the Covid smoke had cleared for the first time, the band picked up where they left off. Fan
demand for a follow-up to the 2018 EP became very high. In late 2020, Cult of Scarecrow went back into the studio to record their first full album, titled ‘Tales
of the Sacrosanct Man’. Again, Ace Zec took over the production (never change a winning team). The album contains 8 songs, with more than 50 minutes of
pure metal, which is situated somewhere between old-school epic metal and melodic doom, with a touch of grunge and a pinch of thrash metal.
In April 2021, the band signed a deal with WormHole Death Records for the worldwide release of ‘Tales of the Sacrosant Man’ (digital and fysical). A first
music video, from the title song ‘Sacrosanct Men’, will be released shortly

Ivan De Strooper : guitars
Gunther ‘Gunny’ Poppe : bass guitar & backing vocals
Nico Regelbrugge : drums & backing vocals
Filip De Wilde : lead vocals
Jan Van Der Poorten : guitars
Robbie Eelbode : keyboards


C u l t  o f  S c a r e c r o w ’ s  s o  u n d i s  a  t r u e
s e d u c t i o n  t o  w a r d s  t h e  i n f e r n a l  v o i d  a n d  I ’ m  a l r e a d y
l o o k i n g  f o r  w a r d  t o  m y  n e x t  t r i p  t o  t h i s  n i g h  t m a r i s h r e a l m
– A n  i n t e n s e  a n d  b r i l l i a n t  a l b u m  w i t h  a  p r o d u c t i o n
o f  a n  e f f e c t i v e  p u r i t y . G o  a n d  g e t  t h i s  r o u g h
d i a m o n d .
– E p i c  d o o m  m e t a l  f r o m  B e l g i u m .

V o c a l s  a n d  g u i t a r
r i f f s  a r e  v e r y  i n t e n s e . C h e c k  t h e m  o u t !

1. Sacrosanct Men
2. Lazarus
3. Robotized
4. Pitch Black
5. Doorkicker03
6. This Blood’s for You
7. Sameness
8. Own Worst Enemy

Artist: Cult of the Scarecrow
Title: Tales of the Sacrosanct Man
Style: Rock Metal
Format: Jewel Box CD
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Cat.Nr: WHD267
UPC code: 8033622539117
Street Date:
country: Belgium


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