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Let the Panic begin


Italian rock group founded in 1977 by Steve Sylvester with the aim of forming a band that encloses inside of itself all its particular interests for occultism, horror films, erotic comics and rock music, in an original manner. The singer, then just a teenager, decided to apply the concept of “glamor” with a strong visual characterization to five characters inspired by stories of terror, the vampire (the singer), the mummy (the bassist), the wolf man (the drummer) , the zombie (the guitarist) and the phantom of the opera (the keyboard player), animating them with the iconoclastic charge received by the then nascent punk scene, from which to gather the extreme and shocking ideological aspects, developed however musically in a heavy manner. The musicians of the project, in addition to essential musical skills, also had to possess the right attitude and the phisique-du-role to impersonate its characters.

From this point of view DEATH SS (literally “in DEATH of Steve Sylvester”, name chosen to mean the symbolic ”death” of the human state of Steve Sylvester (SS) and its rebirth as initiated under the light of Occult, without any political reference in the two “S”), are to be considered as the inventors of that musical phenomenon that a few years later will be known as “Black Metal”. The shocking live-show of the band aroused a great echo in the stagnant national scene of that time, immediately earning to the quintet a reputation of “cult-band”. Starting from a musical carpet of horrifying sound effects, the group, from a stage set up with material stolen by cemeteries (gravestones, human skulls, funeral crowns, etc.), involved the audience in the scene with bloodshed, rotten meat, worms and human bones, while on stage the performers / witches of the band mimiced, completely naked, complex rituals of sexual magic. The extreme life-style of the young formation soon had tragic consequences that led in 1982 to the death of the original bass player and the split of the band, which in the meantime had only recorded some self-produced singles. In 1988 Steve Sylvester refounded the band with new good musicians of the Florentine area and, thanks to a contract with Discomagic, gave to the prints “In DEATH of Steve Sylvester”, the first real studio album of the band (in the previous years it was circulated a bootleg containing demos and live recordings of the first line-up, entitled “the story of Death SS 1977/1984”).
Then, with more or less regular expiration, will follow other albums such as “Black Mass”, the live “The Cursed Concert” and “Heavy Demons”, (produced by Sven Conquest, with guest the legendary actor Oliver Reed, and first gold disc of the band, cause it exceeded twenty-five thousand copies sold in its various editions). All the records was marked by a constant qualitative and stylistic evolution and by many revolutions in the line-up, that keeps over the time the only constant presence of the leader Sylvester.



Legendary Horror Band from Italy


1 Paraphernalia
2 Let The Sabbath Begin
3 Lady Of Babylon
4 Baron Samedi
5 The Equinox Of The Gods
6 Ishtar
7 Tallow Doll
8 Hi-Tech Jesus
9 Scarlet Woman
10 Let The Sabbath Begin
11 Baphomet
12 Inquisitor
13 Cursed Mama
14 Transylvania
15 Auto Sacramental

Label: Lucifer Rising

Format : DVD in slipcase

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Let the Panic begin”

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