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Death of a Dryad (DD) is an atmospheric dark metal duo from France, whose universe mixes metal riffs with atmospheric ambiances.
DD musical style creates dark, melancholic and sometimes apocalyptical atmospheres inspired by the fatalist awareness of the dereliction of our world and the
loss of our bounds with nature. Their musical style ranges from grievous metal to nostalgic medieval tunes, blending old musical instruments such as psaltery, ‐
hurdy gurdy, Renaissance recorder or lute to electric guitars and drums. Lyrics complete the music to create very personal and arousing songs depicting a ‐ ‐
decaying universe of lost hope and old legends. Their self titled debut album was released in February 2014 on Dark Faery Records and Seventh Crow Records ‐
labels, and received positive reviews from several magazines like Orkus, Obsküre or Sonic Seducer, and webzines. In 2015, they released a cover of the song
Dead Souls from Joy Division on the tribute Touching From a Distance (TSC Records / Seventh Crow Records). In March 2016, they recorded two new songs
that were mixed and mastered by Patrick Damiani at Tidalwave Studio (Sopor Aeternus, Falkenbach). They would be included, along with Dead Souls, in their
EP “Blight”, released on Dark Faery Records on June 30th, 2016. In 2018, DD starts working on a new concept album revolving around the Pied Piper of
Hamelin. Composing takes time for DD: time to live stories they want to tell, to share feelings felt, and above all, to feel the urge again to transform the
harshness of life into music so they can share it with others. The duo is composed of vocalist / guitarist Nogh who also played in Obnoxious, and bassist /
flutist Carol who played with Necroblaspheme. They also both play in the metal band Mind Imperium.


Nogh – Guitars, Lute, Keys, Vocals
Carol – Bass guitars, flutes & recorders, Vocals


D e a t h  o f  a  D r y a d   m u s i c a l  s t y l e  c r e a t e s
d a r k , m e l a n c h o l i c  a n d  s o m e t i m e s  a p o c a l y p t i c a l
a t m o s p h e r e s . T h e i r  m u s i c a l  s t y l e  r a n g e s  f r o m
g r i e v o u s  m e t a l  t o  n o s t a l g i c  m e d i e v a l  t u n e s ,
b l e n d i n g  o l d  m u s i c a l  i n s t r u m e n t s  s u c h a s ‐
p s  a l t e r y , h u r d y  g u r d y , R e n a i s s a n c e  r e c o r d e r  o r ‐
f l u t e   t o  e l e c t r i c  g u i t a r s  a n d  d r u m s . ‐
– D e a t h  o f  a  D r y a d  c r e a t e d  a n  e p i c  a n d  f a s c i n a t i n g
a l b u m – O r k u s
– T h e  c o m b i n a t i o n  o f  m e t a l  v o i c e , D a r k  f o l k ,  p o w e r f u l
d r u m s , e l e c t r i c  g u i t a r  d e v e l o p s  i t s  o w n c h a r m
b e y o n d  p u r i s t i c  g e n r e  b o u n d a r i e s . – S o n i c s e d u c e r

01. Enter the Piper
02. Hameln
03. Apud Omnes
04. Moths to a Flame
05. Left to Die
06. Requiem (Project
Pitchfork Cover)
07. Freedom Lies

Artist: Death Of A Dryad
Title: Hameln
Style: Dark Metal
Format: Digipak CD
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Cat.Nr: WHD242
UPC code: 8033622538608
Street Date:
country: France


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