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Rock n roll Monsters

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An explosion of devastating sounds is the visiting card of the florentine quintet: alcohol, and pure ROCK’N’ROLL, this and more are DIRTY ROCKERS



Old school Hard Rock- Heavy Metal since 2004 for the Italians DIRTY ROCKERS!


  1. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies?!?
  2. Soulbreaker
  3. Purple Graffiti
  4. Living In the 80’s
  5. From Hell
  6. Personal Hell
  7. Love Pump
  8. S. I. N.
  9. Corri Nel Grano
  10. Rock’n’ Roll Monster

Label: Controtempo

Format: CD Jewel Box

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2 recensioni per DIRTY ROCKERS
Rock n roll Monsters

  1. From Metalitalia: I Dirty Rockers sono cinque ragazzi pronti ad invadere la terra conl’intenzione di portare tanto sesso, alcool e rock’n’roll, ma le lorolodevoli intenzioni naufragano inesorabilmente a causa di un songwriting troppo acerbo ed inconcludente, oltremodo penalizzato dall’elevatominutaggio dei brani che fa registrare preoccupanti cali di tensione per tutta la durata del disco. Stilisticamente, ci imbattiamo in una sortadi hard rock’n’roll che in alcuni frangenti lambisce territori heavycome in “Soulbreaker” e “Corri Nel Grano”; i due chitarristi ValerioQuercioli e Jacopo Fallai, infatti, aggiungono in tutte le canzonitroppa carne al fuoco con ritmiche pseudo-intricate e svisate solistesovente poco ispirate, ma nonostante ciò riusciamo a trovare qualchespunto decente nell’hard rock classico di “Purple Graffitti”, enell’heavy tune “S.I.N.” (il riffing di quest’ultima ci ha ricordatovagamente i Ratt più sgraziati dell’omonimo EP d’esordio che si sposanocon i Judas Priest più classici). Il drumming di Jamil Cappelli è troppo banale e scolastico, privo del giusto groove che quantomeno renderebbeil disco più accattivante, ma il punto più basso lo raggiungiamo con laperformance del cantante Matteo Benci, decisamente anonima, priva dimordente ed alquanto imbarazzante nelle parti acute. Se a questopasticcio aggiungiamo una produzione decisamente opaca ed un missaggioche imprigiona il sound, possiamo affermare senza riserve che lafrittata è fatta.

  2. From Metal Rules: Dirty Rockers are an Italian 5-piece who celebrate everything that 80s hard rock has to offer. Their debut album, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MONSTERS is a time warp to the decade of booze and glam, and though it’s not by any means perfect, it is an enjoyable throwback to a time when music didn’t take itself so seriously.

    The band are caught between more traditional hard rock/metal in the vein of Priest, W.A.S.P. and AC/DC and the sleaze factor of L.A.’s Sunset Strip. “Soulbreaker,” “From Hell,” “S.I.N.” and the title track are straight up denim and leather, while tunes like “Living in the 80s”, “Love Pump”, and “Personal Hell” are more spandex and hairspray. It’s all in good fun and taken in the spirit with which it’s intended, I found myself smiling more often than not.

    Vocalist Matteo Benci has a low, raspy vocal delivery that sounds a little out of place at first, but it grows on you as the album progresses. The album would have benefited with some backup vocals (or at least some extra vocal tracks) to round things out, but what you hear is what you get, and I’m picky about production.

    ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MONSTERS isn’t going to change the world, but it’s a fun diversion. When you’re dressed as glam cowboys and punk rock gangsters, it’s hard to take things too seriously – but I get the feeling that’s not what Dirty Rockers had in mind anyway. Check out the band’s website for more info on ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MONSTERS.

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