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When dream and day unite demos 87-89 2CD

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When Dream and Day Unite Demos 1987-1989 is a collection of demo recordings by Dream Theater released by Mike Portnoy under his YtseJam Records label. The Cd contains pre-production demos as well as instrumental versions of the songs and songs that did not make it on to the album, or were recorded around the same time. Also included are six tracks the band recorded as a Christmas gift for their friends.


When Dream and Day Unite Demos 1987-1989 è un bootleg del gruppo musicale statunitense

Dream Theater, pubblicato nel 2004 dalla YtseJam Records.


Disc One
Afterlife (Instrumental) 5:24
The Killing Hand (Instrumental) 8:04
The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun (Instrumental) 7:27
Ytse Jam (Instrumental) 5:51
Cry for Freedom (Instrumental) 6:45
Ressurection of Ernie (Instrumental) 6:42
Peartnoy’s Complaint/Drum Solo (Instrumental) 1:52
A Fortune in Lies (Instrumental) 4:31
Only a Matter of Time (Instrumental) 6:26
A Fortune in Lies (Petrucci) 5:21
Afterlife (Dominici) 5:41
The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun (Petrucci) 6:26

Disc Two
A Fortune in Lies (Petrucci) 5:20
Afterlife (Dominici) 5:40
Ytse Jam (Instrumental) 5:50
Only a Matter of Time (Moore) 6:52
The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun (Petrucci) 7:33
The Killing Hand (Petrucci) 8:23
Light Fuse and Get Away (Instrumental) 7:52
To Live Forever (Petrucci) 4:29
Mission: Impossible (Instrumental) 1:23
Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End (The Beatles) 6:11
O Holy Night (Traditional) 4:12
A Vision ’89 (Moore) 8:01

Label: Ytsejam Records

Format : 2 Cd in Jewel Box

Band Website:

Band Facebook:

1 recensione per DREAM THEATER
When dream and day unite demos 87-89 2CD

  1. From Amazon User: Discovering this was a dream no pun intended, come true. I’d always wanted the debut Dream Theater album with James LaBrie on vocals. Well I got it here. Granted I hoped for a studio version, but I’ll take this.

    Overall the band sounds great on here. It does suffer the disadvantages of being a live album, but that’s a minor complaint. Overall this is the version of their first album I kept, and I’ve labeled it as “When Dream And Day Unite” on my computer. My only other complaint is it doesn’t seem to be readily availible for people, or that not enough know about it, could be wrong though I guess.

    A Fortune In Lies 9/10 great up tempo opener, with a pace changing intro. James does a great job with the already fantastic melodies from the original. Love the chorus as well. The band is in top form on this one.

    Status Seeker 9/10 is another upper tempo song, and another favorite of mine on here. this one’s softer than the first song, mostly drum and bass during the verse. Love the melodies in the chorus, catchy yet not so obvious. The second verse is heavier.

    I went ahead and added “Another Won” from the Score live album on my mp3 version of this album. I’m not a fan of instrumentals so I skipped the actual track here. Another won is a pretty good rocker but not on here,, so I won’t waste your time describing it.

    The Killing Hand 7/10 is an alright song. It’s their first longer song. It has an extended intro which is ok I guess. Overall this one while decent isn’t the reason I listen to this album. It has plenty of heavier and slower parts. I like the melody for the opening, softer verse.

    Light Fuse And Get Away 8/10 is another progressive rocker. It starts off a little heavy and moves into a slower part of the intro, before another heavier riff kicks in again. Love the guitar riff in the verses, the vocals and everything are also great in the verses. the chorus is solid, with a tempo change, and another nice melody. James does a good job capturing these old melodies. The song would then speed up for the second verse. It’s kind of nice changing things up a bit. I actually hear the bass at the beginning of the instrumental break. Overall this is a solid progressive rocker.

    Afterlife 9/10 is another of my favorite songs on here, and one of my favorite Dream Theater songs. Love the intro to this rocker. James again does a nice job with this one. The guitar and drum work are both outstanding as well, but then you wouldn’t expect anything else from this band.

    The One Who Helped To Set The Sun 8/10 is yet another progressive gem. It starts with a weird guitar intro that moves to a bit of keyboards that sound cool. Then the song gets heavier as the first verse starts with a slower to mid tempo part. There are some time changes here as it rotates between this pace and a faster one for the verses. The chorus is decent as well, and holds the song together nicely.

    Only A Matter Of Time 6/10 is probably my least favorite of the no instrumental songs, but it’s still decent. I don’t really have much to say about this one. It’s not a ballad. It’s not really a heavier song either. But, otherwise there’s not much to say. It’s really just not that great, listenable but that’s about it.

    I never bothered with the last 2 tracks. I already have a version of To Live Forever and of course Metropolis is on Images And Words. I think it’d have been cool if they’d done Another Won and Your Majesty or something else from those demo sessions, but overall I can’t complain. I have a version of the debut I can be happy with. So if you’re a Dream Theater fan who’d like to hear the debut with the, then, current lineup, Portny’s out of the band now, then you should definitely et this.

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