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Pest Plagues & Storms

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Black Metal from Mexico

Evilforces used to be a one-man band that just added a new member, Dreggen, a former member of Taake, Sworn, Gravdal. Pazuzuh, the main man and force behind the project, enlightened Pest Webzine about the first full-length “Pest Plagues & Evil Storms”



Black Metal from Mexico


1. Prologue
2. The Maskim Hul
3. Babylon Groans
4. Destroyer’s Pest
5. Interlude
6. I Am Your Spirit…
7. Persecutor
8. Addiz
9. Lilitu and the Gallu
10. Forever in Possession State (Persecuted)

Label : More Hate Productions/Symbol Domination

Format: CD Jewel Box

Band Website: Unknown

Band Facebook:


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Pest Plagues & Storms

  1. From Battlehelm: With a name like this you cannot expect anything but a total metal assault. I know that it is too much to wish for a good old speed metal band but I really hope that there is some tempo to this. But this is not a Teutonic speed metal attack. Instead it is a Mexican black metal blast. I have had some really cool metal experiences with Mexican metal bands. This is chaotic black metal. Perhaps not my fave kind but as with everything there are bits n pieces that I like. And listening to this I realize that it ain’t that bad. While not being the speed metal I had hoped for there is enough speed here to keep that side of me happy. In the end this turned to out to be another cool Mexican metal experience. Anders Ekdahl

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