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Exence were born in 2000 in Florence, Italy as an extreme metal project of Federico “Pule” Puleri, also of Vision Divine. After the promos “Ferocity” (2001) and “Dynamics” (2004), the band decided to record the full-length “Hystrionic” (released by Punishment 18 Records in 2009). After a short promotional tour opening shows for Cynic and Darkane in 2009, the band amicably decided to split because of different views about the musical direction to follow. This break lasted 2 years, but instead of weakening the passion, induces Pule to write a new album and to create a new situation. Along with a new lineup, there is the will to evolve the sound of the band from a “progressive death” to more thrash territory. After months of hard work the band assumes a well-defined identity through the insertions of new members Ritchie Bleed on vocals, Riccardo Tortoli on guitar, Dado Lastruccl on bass, and Francesco “Breeze’ Brizzi on drums. After the period of silence, the band recorded their new album in Rome in 2011 with Stefano Morabito of 16th Cellar Studios. Renewed enthusiasm, a desire to take out anger on stage, and a new album define the comeback of Exence.


Progressive death metal from Italy


01 We Will Never
02 In Eternal Dynamics
03 Shaman
04 When Words Are Loose
05 Fix From The Ground
06 In Loving Memory
07 Primal Mystic Substance
08 Dream Of Wisdom
09 Symbolic Act
10 Overhate Threshold

Label: 18 Punishment

Format: CD Jewel Box

Band Website: Unknown

Band Facebook:

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  1. From Truemetal:Full-length d’esordio per gli Exence, band fiorentina che vede la presenza in
    line up di Federico Puleri (Vision Divine). Il gruppo, dopo il buon demo
    Dynamics pubblicato nel 2005 con il monicker di Essence, arriva
    dunque all’esordio vero e proprio con
    Hystrionic, edito dalla Punishment 18 Records.

    L’influenza principale che si può riscontrare nel sound della band toscana è
    sicuramente quella dei Death di Chuck Schuldiner, ma non solo, il
    gruppo si sforza sicuramente di dare alla propria musica un’impronta che sia il
    più personale possibile, andando comunque a ripescare i classici stilemi della
    scuola estrema svedese. Death-thrash aggressivo e dirompente quindi, condito da
    buone dosi di melodia e da una tecnica esecutiva dei singoli elementi che si
    attesta sicuramente su livelli molto alti.
    Ritmiche serrate e nevrotiche, cambi di tempo improvvisi e tanta, tantissima
    aggressività, sopratutto per quanto riguarda le parti vocali in scream. Ricetta
    piuttosto efficace quella degli Exence, capaci di confezionare una serie
    di brani caratterizzati, come già detto, da un alto tasso tecnico, ma ugualmente
    immediati e diretti, che vanno subito al punto e colpiscono duro già al primo
    impatto. Resta comunque il fatto che, se da un lato ci troviamo di fronte ad
    un’esecuzione letteralmente da manuale e a buone idee in fase in composizione,
    dall’altro troviamo una produzione non del tutto convincente, sopratutto per
    quanto riguarda suoni di chitarra non sempre corposi al punto giusto e, anzi, a
    tratti quasi “plastificati”. Piccola pecca sì, ma che comunque intacca veramente
    poco quella che è la buona qualità globale dell’album. Pezzi come l’iniziale e
    dirompente We Will Never, In Eternal Dynamics e
    Fix From The Ground riescono tranquillamente a centrare il bersaglio
    risultando essere convincenti e coinvolgenti nell’immediato. Non da meno anche
    il restante della tracklist, sempre caratterizzata da partiture aggressive ed
    escursioni melodiche piuttosto accattivanti, il tutto spezzato da una parte
    centrale decisamente atipica rappresentata dalla strumentale In Loving
    Memory, pezzo che, grazie all’uso delle chitarre acustiche, dipinge
    atmosfere più tranquille e rilassanti (e in netto contrasto con la restante
    sezione del disco).Non male come biglietto da visita questo Hystrionic. Contando
    che la tecnica si attesta su livelli eccellenti, più l’aggiunta di una
    songwriting piuttosto ispirato, resta comunque il fatto che la proposta degli Exence
    rimane ancora un po’ troppo derivativa. Vedremo se in futuro riusciranno a dare
    alla luce qualcosa di ancora più personale e distante da strade già imboccate da
    tanti altri gruppi in circolazione.

  2. From Metal Archive: This time around, from the fertile underground of Italian metal music, Exence are storming onwards and taking no prisoners. Or that’s what they wish for… A band called Essence was formed in 2000 and they released one demo, before changing their name to Exence. The name might be a bit weird, but does its job better than the former one, eh?

    No matter what the name is, but I believe Exence can really shine out loud, if all currents work prosperously for them. The band’s biggest influence is newer Death, especially the albums ‘Symbolic’ and ‘The Sound of Perseverance’ (1993 and 1995 respectively), but not just because the song ‘Symbolic Act’ tributes two songs from those albums. Death’s more technical side, which really took the controls on 1991’s ‘Human’, is what Exence want to do, and they do not hide the influence, but yield it with pride. And that basically is the right way to do it. Death are no more, so Exence carry on the legacy left by virtuoso Chuck Schuldiner. Add some down-tuned stylings and especially some thrashy stuff into the alloy and there you got what’s Exence. They do sound up-to-date, but 100% metal. Their style is not unique by any means, but it is almost entirely adjusted for my ears. The songs offer fantastic journeys to the land of riffs and pecualiar yet functional rhythmic works, usually on the technical side of the things, but with some straight parts, which do not fracture the compositions at all. The technicality and the catchiness in perfect balance… The composer is guitarist Federico Puleri (about the fucking time I notice he also plays in Vision Divine, whose “Pule” albums I have in my collection…), and he really knows the axe and how to make it scream! And his tasty soloing must be mentioned too; also very memorable.

    Talking about scream, the vocalist Massimiliano “Screamer” Pasciuto really screams his lungs out, if in a bit invariant way. Think about more high-pitched version of Chuck Schuldiner. But that high-pitchedness also means he sounds like Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy at some points. His voice really leaves a mixed feeling, something like of neuter gender. The lyrics, which mainly deal with reflecting personal, spiritual thoughts of a human being, are written in pretty bad English. Soundwise this is okay; the instruments are nicely heard, but more punch would… Well, give it even more punch! Anyways, the drums by Francesco “Breeze” Brizzi sound too machiney soundwise, and this causes the slight lack of power. He really can handle them, offering varying beats. The bass played by Mirko “BassBreaker” Serra is truly versatile. The cover promises more progressive metal, but that makes this experience even more powerful. Never judge any album by its cover…

    Exence are a great acquaintance, especially for someone like me, who misses continuation for Death’s works. Musically excellent, with some small defects around it otherwise, but many of which depend on listeners’ tastes. One for those to try, who seek some new technical extreme metal. Beware, Exence might ensnare you!

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