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CE NEW AND SEALED (with plastic bag ans Siae stamp not sealed at the origin)

Godyva was formed in Bari (Italy) in January 2000. The original line-up has changed little from that of the present one, included the founder vocalist Lady Godyva, the guitarist Frahn, the drummer Enyo and bassist Nick Barah. In May 2001 keyboardist Botys Beezart joined the band which was a major turning point in Godyva’s sound. In September 2002 the band recorded their first collection of songs in an EP entitled Advent. The band soon began performing numerous live shows in the South of Italy throughout 2002 and 2003, they also took part in The God Bless the Metal Festival in the summer 2003 and many other festivals as Rock Targato Italia, the first Gothic Rave in Puglia with Theatres des Vampires and the Harder Fest with Panic Cell. In the summer of 2005, the American label SorceryStudios/Razar Ice Records, discovered and immediately signed the band for a two album deal. In late 2005 the band began to work on the new studio album called In Good and Evil which will be released in 2006. A strong promotion and a tour are planned for the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. In Good and Evil guarantees to the band the first satisfactions, from the press (Flash Mag publishes the number of March 2007 with Lady Godyva on the cover and various interviews and reviews on other magazines of national circulation as Metal Maniac, Metal Shock, Rock Hard, etc.) to the live, in fact in May 2007 the band is called to play for the first Italian Dark Fest and in September 2007 they played on the stage of the Total Metal Festival, sharing the stage with the big names of the international music, such as Dark Funeral and Rage! In December of the same year Godyva performed at the Dark Fest 2, with Dope Stars Inc., as last date of the year. December 2007 is the month of the change about the line-up for Godyva, due change because the departure of Frahn from the band. Frahn after having shared 7 years with Godyva, he decided to leave the band for musical divergences and personal necessity. He is replaced by Anto, friend of old date and fan of Godyva from a long time. New formation entered therefore in studio in December to record their new album Planetarium which was released the 21st of April 2008. After the recording sessions of their new full length, one more time Godyva taken part at the Dark Fest 4 in Rome playing on the same stage with Macbeth and Theatres des Vampires. A tour was planned in Italy and in Europe to promote the new album Planetarium. In the summer of 2009 Godyva played at Prestenice Open Air Music Fest with The Rasmus. For personal reasons and because his occupation Anto notified the necessity to leave the band during September 2009. In November 2009 a new young entry, the guitarist Mori Alioth joined the band and he started to play with Godyva for some shows in Italy. In October 2010 Godyva were called to play at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium with Arch Enemy, Revamp, Tristania, Epica and more. In April 2011. Mori Alioth leaved the band and he was immediately replaced by G.G. Gohm that became the new official guitarist of the band.


Gothic Metal from Italy, Female Fronted by the Singer Godyva


  1. W.A.I.H.T.L.I.H (INTRO)
  2. THE ARK
  10. NO FAULT
  12. H.I.L.T.H.I.A.W. (OUTRO)


Format: CD Jewel Box

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  1. From Metalitalia: Piacevole ritorno quello dei Godyva, band originaria della provincia di Bari che ha riscosso discreto successo un paio d’anni fa con il brillante debutto “In Good And Evil” e si propone oggi con il secondo capitolo della propria discografia di bissare quanto di buono mostrato fin’ora. Il sound della band tricolore resta debitore di un gothic metal sufficientemente moderno, ma le canzoni appaiono meglio focalizzate e incise, soprattutto nella prima parte, rispetto alla precedente release. Le caratteristiche tipiche del gothic sound ci sono tutte: atmosfere sofferte, inquiete e struggenti interpretate alla perfezione dalla voce versatile di Lady Godyva, capace di spaziare con abilità su tonalità differenti, intervallate da scorci di growl o parti recitate maschili; le tastiere abbracciano spesso le calde note del pianoforte, senza dimenticare l’approccio sinfonico e piacevoli excursus elettronici risultando varie e decisive nell’economia globale. Più tradizionalista la sezione ritmica e le chitarre di Anto che mantengono viva l’anima metallica con accelerazioni improvvise e sonorità ruvide e potenti. Un ottimo mix di influenze che riescono fra l’altro a sgombrare la visuale dai soliti paragoni con colleghi più affermati, nonostante qualche inevitabile assaggio di Lacuna Coil, After Forever e Within Temptation si faccia sentire tra le note dell’album. Al di là di queste importanti premesse, tuttavia, a far guadagnare ulteriore terreno al quintetto pugliese è l’ottima qualità delle nuove composizioni, riscontrabile nell’impatto dell’opener “The Ark”, nelle bellissime melodie di “Mary In Blood” e della titletrack, senza dimenticare il cocktail mortale di “My Inner” capace di sovrapporre nella stessa canzone parti sinfoniche, inserti electro e debordanti accelerazioni in doppia cassa. Finale in leggero calo (ad eccezione dell’ottima “No Fault”), caratterizzato da brani leggermente più compatti, dove la brillantezza delle linee vocali e degli arrangiamenti perde qualche colpo senza macchiare un ottimo lavoro da considerare un deciso e forse decisivo passo in avanti per la band.

  2. From Sonic Cathedral: The CD offers a variety of sound styles, but the sound tends to be big, probably due to the heavy emphasis on the symphonic and the large voice. Even when the band goes softer, in a relative way, that is. . . there is the big sound. The title track, Planetarium, takes this direction. There is a softer perspective; the Lady even goes to a spoken voice here. But the music moves to a heavier perspective as the vocals begin to climb over the symphonic base that drives nearly every song on the CD. Those keys move to a piano sound at points, especially where the vocalist whispers in our ears, but they move back to the symphonic as our vocalist moves over a lovely layered sound that takes advantage of the various capabilities of the Lady. Clearly, production was top notch.

    No Fault demonstrates another component of the Godyva arsenal. It moves to the industrial initially. The vocals are sultry. The Lady can go deep with the best of them. A whispered plea accompanies the dark vocals. This is metal with a 50s twist. The subdued guitar provides a haunting beat; the base carries out its duties in a soldierly way. Drums are there to keep it all together.

    But Godyva is at their strongest when the entire group is kicking ass. And they do it regularly. God is Fallen takes us to this place. The keys provide the direction, guitars crush and the vocals are as strong as it gets. There are subplots here, the strange interlude where we move in different directions, but the guitars reclaim the focus and the Lady returns to the sounds that drive the action.

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