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Gorillaz is a turbo-boosted four-piece in overdrive, a band with their collective foot slammed squarely to the floor of the Gorillaz mobile. Their race-tuned sound is an F1 Kong with a quartet of Mighty Joe Young’s at the wheel. Lock up your sons, daughters and leave a light on in the hallway just to be on the safe side, they’ve escaped from the zoo and are out to get what’s due. Laugh now but the future belongs to them.

“As soon as they played ‘Punk’, I knew I’d seen the future of music.” So says Whiffy Smiffy, EMI A&R ace, who witnessed Gorillaz’ first-ever gig at the Camden Brownhouse in late 1998. There was a riot, natch: Whiffy, with inimitable style, let off a few rounds from his pump-action sawn-off, forced his way through the crowds and grabbed those all-important signatures. He set Murdoc, 2D, Russel, and Noodle to task: ten months and close to thirty tracks later, they delivered their dark pop classic. Kinky, wild, seductive with far-flung influences ranging from Jamaican Dub to New-York Hip-Hop, from Cuban love songs to South London scum-punk, the Gorillaz first long-player was an eye-ear-and-mind opener and a genuine milestone along rock’s long highway. Gorillaz melds their diverse backgrounds and far-flung influences, their various styles and impressive talent to make a subversive, modern, yet utterly accessible sound. This is the record you’ll put on to get up, get down, get off and get it on with the lover of your dreams. A shoo-in for the Mercury Prize was it not for the fact that half of Gorillaz are Johnny Foreigners. Totally hot. Totally cool.

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Gorillaz began as something of a lark for Damon Albarn, a way for the singer/songwriter to explore music his Brit-pop band Blur otherwise couldn’t make, but the “virtual band” he conceived with artist Jamie Hewlett in the twilight years of the 20th century turned into his main gig in the new millennium.


01 “Tomorrow Comes Today”
02 “Clint Eastwood”
03 “19-2000?
04 “Rock The House”
05 “Feel Good Inc.”
06 “DARE”
07 “Dirty Harry”
08 “Kids With Guns”
09 “El Manana”
10 “Stylo”
11 “Superfast Jellyfish”
12 “On Melancholy Hill”
13 “Doncamatic”
14 “Clint Eastwood (Ed Case & Sweetie Irie Refix)”
15 “19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)”

Record Label: PIG

Format: Cd Jewel Box

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2 recensioni per GORILLAZ
The singles collection

  1. From Redonline: Damon Alban has had a host of successful projects aside from Blur, but perhaps none more so than his virtual band, Gorillaz. Formed in 2001, Gorillaz burst onto the music scene announcing the digital age. At the turn of the millennium, it was possible for 2D cartoons to help them sell 7 million copies of their debut album.

    Over the next decade, the band released three more albums, toured (both physically and via Hologram technology) and starred in documentaries and ‘mockumenataries’.

    The line up of the band has changed, apart from Alban who has remained the one consistent member, and contributors have included Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads and, currently, half of The Clash, Mike Jones and Paul Simonon.o celebrate a decade of music, the band has released The Singles Collection 2001 – 2011. Era defining ‘Clint EastWood’, ‘Feel Good INC’ and ‘DARE’ remain the stand out tracks and sound just as good 10 years on. And those singles with less familiar names are instantly recognisable after only a few beats, proving just how many hits the band has had.

    A Saturday reminiscing with this album and you’ll quickly remember what all the fuss was about.

  2. From Rockon: Una collezione di 15 traccie, contenenti i singoli, video e remix della band virtuale creata da Damon Albarn, uscirà il 28 Novembre per celebrare i dieci anni di successi dei Gorillaz.

    I Gorillaz sono una band inglese creata nel 1998 da Damon Albarn, leader dei Blur e dei The Good, the Bad and the Queen, e Jamie Hewlett, co-creatore del comic book Tank Girl. La band è costituita da quattro personaggi sotto forma di animazioni: 2D, Murdoc, Noodle e Russel e il nuovo membro Cyborg Noodle. La musica della band è frutto di una collaborazione tra vari artisti, essendo Albarn l’unico contributore permanente.
    Il loro stile è per lo più alternative rock, ma con molte influenze che includono: britpop, dub, hip-hop e musica pop. Il primo album della band pubblicato nel 2001, l’omonimo Gorillaz con la hit Clint Eastwood, ha venduto ben circa 6 milioni di copie in tutto il mondo ed è valso alla band l’entrata nel Guinness dei primati come band virtuale di maggior successo. Nel 2001 fu anche nominata per il Mercury Prize, ma venne in seguito ritirata su richiesta della band.

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