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Hidden Pleasures of…



Back in 1992 these extremely brutal Spaniards started to celebrate orgies of totally over the top Death Metal with strong Grind influences.

Today bonedrummer Dani and bassist Ramon are the only remaining original members – both are also slaughtering with Haemorrhage.

The first Greenfly demo dates back to 1994, but it didn´t get too much positive feedback.

Internal problems finally led to the temporary break-up of the band.

Still Greenfly were not to rest eternally: after several years of inactivity Dani and Ramon brought the green deathmonster back to life by bass/drum reanimation.

Ramon decided to sling the six-string shotgun and Monzon joined as a capable, possessed vocalist.

Shortly after him string torturer Climber followed suit filling the spot for the second guitar.

Insiders already know him for his work with the Deathcoreband Machetazos.

The reformed band modified their old song material and simultaneously wrote new delicious noteterror.

The result of this creativity is entitled Hidden Pleasures Of A None Existent Reality“, one harmony destroying breaker of an album with rarely seen destructive frenzy.

Obviously inspired by various sources Greenfly´s new songs can generate lots of acoustic pressure.

Highly aggressive on the surface, still with melodic touches and subtle atmospheric backgrounds: this is a true bombshell of inventive Death Metal with brutal arrangements running amok. „Born Death“, a coverversion of US legend Death has also been integrated in the tracklist, giving the crazy songs on „Hidden Pleasures Of A None Existent Reality“ even more relevance.

Few moths later the power axeman Gonzalo who plays also in hardcore act Versvs, join Greenfly and a little bit late Monzón left the ban and was replaced by Noel, singer also in gruesome Stuff Relish.

This new formation, has began to play a lot and make a strong promotion of “Hidden pleasures of a nonexisting reality”.

Be carefull, the greenfly is flying high to bit you!!!!!!



Death Metal from Spain


1  Life Downfall
2  Ten Thousand Degrees
3  First World Domination
4  Living Beyond Suffering
5  Crossbreaker
6  Face Of The Injustice
7  Born Dead
8  Fallen Empire
9  Hidden Pleasures Of A Nonexistent Reality

Label : Morbid Records

Format: CD jewel box

Band Website: Unknown

Band Facebook:


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Hidden Pleasures of…”

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