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Use your Illusion I

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Use Your Illusion I is the third studio album by American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses, released on September 17, 1991, the same day as its counterpart Use Your Illusion II. Both albums were released in conjunction with the Use Your Illusion Tour. The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts, selling 685,000 copies in its first week, behind Use Your Illusion II’s first-week sales of 770,000.[2] Use Your Illusion I has sold 5,502,000 units in the United States as of 2010, according to Nielsen SoundScan.[3] Each of the Use Your Illusion albums have been certified 7× Platinum by the RIAA. It was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1992.[4] This is their first album to featured the former The Cult drummer Matt Sorum, replaced Steven Adler following Adler’s departure in 1990 (although he was featured again on “Civil War”, which featured on its counterpart album), as well as, with the addition of keyboardist Dizzy Reed, this is their first album to be recorded as a six-piece band.


Historical Masterpiece from Guns n Roses


1.Right next door to hell
3.Live and Let Die
4.Dont Cry
5.Perfect Crime
6.You Aint the First
7.Bad Obsession
8.Back Off Bitch
9.Double Talkin’ Jive
10.November Rain
11.The Garden
12.Garden Of Eden
13.Dont Damn Me
14.Bad Apples
15.Dead Horse

Label: Geffen Records

Format: CD Jewel box

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Use your Illusion I

  1. FRom Metallized: Ben sedici brani per poco più di 76 minuti di musica, sono questi i numeri del mega-album Use Your Illusion I, che nel 1991 insieme al suo gemello II, fecero dei Guns autentiche rock-star, nonostante i Californiani avessero già avuto modo di farsi apprezzare dagli amanti dell’hard’n’heavy grazie ad Appetite For Destruction, album d’esordio targato 1987 e contenente la mitica hit Sweet Child O’ Mine. Sicuramente strana e complessa la storia di questo gruppo che ha dovuto gran parte delle sue fortune ma anche delle sue disgrazie al sempre instabile e difficile rapporto tra i due leader, il chitarrista Slash, che intendeva restare ancorato al tradizionale, duro e puro rock stradaiolo delle loro origini, ed il cantante Axl Rose, il quale invece voleva dedicarsi ad un rock più aperto e commerciale, rifacendosi ai vari Queen ed Aerosmith. Se a ciò si aggiunge il difficile carattere di Axl, gli eccessi e la vita selvaggia e sregolata di tutti i componenti, dal bassista Duff McKagan al secondo chitarrista Izzy Stradlin, si può avere un quadro preciso della situazione di alcuni ragazzi che crebbero tra il teppismo e il rock. Naturale che tutto ciò, e soprattutto la diversa visione di Axl e Slash ed il conseguente scontro tra i due, diede vita ad un album eterogeneo, lungo e talvolta ripetitivo, con testi aggressivi e quasi arroganti, ritmi veloci, potenti ed elettrizzanti, melodie struggenti.

    Un’intro di basso e chitarra elettrica dà il via a tutto con Right Next Door To Hell, buon brano hard’n’heavy, mentre la successiva Dust n’ Bones potrebbe benissimo confondersi per un pezzo degli Aerosmith, e si continua con Live And Let Die, cover di Paul McCartney. Struggente, lenta e melodica Don’t Cry, ben presto diventata una song generazionale nei licei degli anni ’90, come molto bella è l’altra ballad November Rain, apice creativo dei Guns, lunga, epica, melodica, con un assolo di Slash da brividi ed un finale in crescendo veloce e potente, sicuramente il miglior pezzo in assoluto dei Guns. Lenta e dalle sonorità country You Ain’t The First, mentre una scarica di violenza ed energia arriva da Perfect Crime, Back Off Bitch e Dead Horse, molto rock ed orecchiabile Bad Obsession, buona anche l’accoppiata The Garden e Garden Of Eden che vedono la presenza di un mostro sacro del rock come Alice Cooper, meno piacevoli e quasi noiose a mio avviso Double Talkin’ Jive e Don’t Damn Me, molto blues invece Bad Apples. Lunga, a tratti epica, soggetta a continui cambi di ritmo infine la conclusiva Coma, altro pezzo che mette in luce le buone doti di Slash ed Izzy.

    I Guns N’ Roses hanno sempre diviso il popolo dei metallari tra chi li osanna e chi li detesta, chi li reputa artisti di valore assoluto e chi li trova eccessivi ed esaltati fino a risultare banali e retorici, e così anche Use Your Illusion I e II originarono numerosi consensi e dissensi, ma non bisogna trascurare che quest’album riuscì a vendere milioni e milioni di copie e che avvicinò molti ascoltatori per la prima volta al metal, nonostante il fatto, anche questo non trascurabile, che sia uscito nel 1991, lo stesso anno in cui furono pubblicati Nevermind dei Nirvana ed il bellissimo Ten dei Pearl Jam, quindi anno in cui ufficialmente entra in crisi il genere hard-rock, mentre le sonorità cupe e le camicie a quadri di flanella di Seattle si impongono all’attenzione generale del rock contribuendo alla veloce ma breve ascesa del grunge.

  2. FRom Classic Rock: It had been four years since Guns n’ Roses had put out their last full studio album, which also happened to be their first studio album and the biggest selling debut of all time, Appetite For Destruction. With fans and critics alike eager for new material, the band unloaded a great volume of music on September 17, 1991, the day they released the equivalent of two double albums, Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II.

    With these albums, especially Use Your Illusion I, the band demonstrated much growth and expansion of style, including elements of country, blues, and progressive rock, while maintaining the hard rock edge which made Guns n’ Roses famous in the first place. Much like Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti, these albums included older recordings which were not previously used interspersed with new material that was written for the project(s). The band also included a well-known cover on each album and each also has at least one track sung by band members other than lead singer Axl Rose.

    These two albums, released in 1991, would be the final studio albums with this classic lineup in tact and Guns n’ Roses would not release another studio album for 17 years until Chinese Democracy in 2008. Also, the band put out no less than ten videos from these two albums, a final gorge for the heyday of MTV and music videos, which would go into rapid decline through the nineties.Use Your Illusion I starts off with a song intentionally aimed at Rose’s neighbor in Hollywood who had recently sued him, called “Next Door To Hell”. It also contains “Back Off Bitch” and “Bad Obsession”, which were originally written for Appetite for Destruction “Bad Obsession” later features Michael Monroe, of Hanoi Rocks and a big influence on the band, playing the harmonica and tenor saxophone.

    “Don’t Cry” is a calm and steady song, which became a big radio hit. The serene guitar is cut by Rose’s sharp vocals which climax with a ridiculously long, 25 second, ad hoc vocal to end the song. Another version of this song, with alternate lyrics was included on Use Your Illusion II. “Live and Let Die” is a cover that would’ve been better left alone, as it does not add anything to the intensity of the original Paul McCartney version. “The Garden” has a bluesy beginning with a moderate acoustic accented by a long slide electric. It then kicks in more intensely for the heavier and doomier chorus sections which feature Alice Cooper on vocals. This is interesting because much of the theatrical feel of these albums are reminiscent of early Alice Cooper Band, especially the 10-minute-plus closer of Use Your Illusion I called “Coma”.

    A couple of other interesting tracks from the first album are the punk-influenced, fast and furious “Garden of Eden”, and the slow country/waltz with a heavy slide guitar presence, reminiscent of cuts from the Stones Sticky Fingers called “You Ain’t the First”. “Dead Horse” which starts with intentionally flat and apathetic vocals over an opening acoustic part but later kicks into a better jam. But, without a doubt the best song on either album, and perhaps the best song ever by Guns n’ Rose, is “November Rain” on Use Your Illusion I.It is amazing how, from several different perspectives, “November Rain” represents the exact end of an era, the eighties hair-band era with the obligatory power ballad and high budget music video. For this song, the tab was about $1.5 million for an eight minute video which itself depicts the good times ending; as a joyous wedding celebration through most of the song morphs into a surreal funeral during the coda. The irony here is that Guns n’ Roses themselves help bring an end to this hair band era with the cutting-edge Appetite for Destruction, which cut against the grain of many rock conventions and helped open up the industry to the deluge of grunge which was rapidly approaching. But the song itself is purely great – a piano ballad led by Rose, a theatrical, orchestral backdrop, and some of the finest guitar work by Slash which helped secure his spot as a rock legend. “November Rain” may well be one of the best songs of the entire decade of the nineties.

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