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Artic Hysteria



More Hate productions presents the reissue of the second previously self-released album by the Swedish black metal band recorded back in 2017. The concept behind HLADOMRAK is the personification of the dark side of nature, absolutely indifferent to the human kind, born in ever-frozen ground under the dark roots of the North. Originally a one-man band, with this album the project turns into a full-fledged trio playing a cold and biting type of old-school black metal free from any modern inclusions and outside-genre influences. It is a pure northern black metal, mainly mid-tempo, with evil screaming and quaint guitar riffs rocking like trees in a dark Scandinavian wood with distorted bass in the background. Everything sounds helluva raw, authentic yet professional! Several songs have Russian-language lyrics as both permanent members of the project are Russian emigrants from the Baltic states!

The band was forged in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. Starting out as a one man band, Evgenerator recorded and released the first self titled full-length on his own in 2013. Since its beginning the idea about the music has been to create black metal that’s succumbed by nature’s cold, raw, unrelenting essence in a professional, well produced manner. Nowadays the band is a three-piece of dedicated musicians holding Hladomrak as their only priority. The ambition with this new line up is to produce material at a steady pace and record as much as possible. At the moment the band is working on a third fullength, its recording is scheduled to begin in late 2020.


Black Metal from Sweden


1 The Beast
2 Spirit Of The Forest
3 Firetale
4 Despite
5 Arctic Hysteria
6 Archaic
7 Between Ice And Fire
8 Illusion Of Innocence
9 Frost
10 Omnicide
11 Memento Mori

Label: More Hate Productions

Format: CD Jewel box

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2 recensioni per HLADOMRAK
Artic Hysteria

  1. From Wonderboxmetal: This is the second album by Hladomrak, a Swedish black metal band.

    The band’s 2013 debut album was an enjoyable slab of cold-as-ice black metal that used melody well in its dark, frozen approach to the blackened style.

    On Arctic Hysteria the band continue on this course that they set for themselves, albeit one in which they have tightened up and refined their blackened assault.

    With a sharp, clean, and crisp recording you can hear pretty much everything the band get up to. The standard second-wave black metal template is adhered to, but Hladomrak add their own spice into the mix to make it their own.

    Mainly mid-paced, (but not exclusively), the riffs and melodies speak of cold, frosted climes. Although this can be said of countless black metal bands, I like that Hladomrak have their own nuances in the guitar department. Taking frequent forays into technical territories, as well as occasionally more brutal ones, the band also deploy some lesser-heard melodies across the tracks, some of which are quite infectious in their catchiness.

    I particularly like the vocals on this release. The singer’s screams are scything and high-pitched. They cut deep and always draw blood. Arctic Hysteria is a very enjoyable album full of black metal that’s ostensibly of the standard traditional fare, but on closer inspection reveals a more nuanced delivery. Hladomrak have improved on what they do with their second album, and I heartily recommend that you check this out.

  2. From Monarchmagazine: Hladomrak is a Swedish/Russian trio. Arctic Hysteria is a black metal album in the vein of Immortal, Tyrant Wrath, Abbath. It must be written that not once, the music ideas for guitars in this album are incredibly crafty. Blazing sounds that come out of snow storming guitar shreds (Illusion Of Inocence, Omnicide) are those songs that are also based on complex arrangements, more expanded in tracks like The Beast, Spirit of the Forest .Hladomrak is also often transforming music into Northern in nature, grim, black metal groove. Archaic is a slower, melodic track but I have to write again that craft abilities in this band are their best feature.There are more traditional songs with fast, cold and blizzard spreading riffs in tracks like Frost, Despite, Arctic Hysteria with fiendish sounding vocals that fulfill black metal destruction of this Scandinavian sounding black metal album. This is undoubtedly an extreme recording with raw production but lot of flourishing songs that shift from one idea to another majestically and the music just freezes the blood in your veins under the weight of creativity.
    It`s most definitely the album destined for a long time playing, so you can slowly discover its dark secrets by playing the songs at night – best at fullmoon. Black metal is without a magic when play it at day time but I think Arctic Hysteria does well even then because this uncompromising album takes you to alternative places, away from the struggles of the fallen world and its stupid problems. Certainly, Arctic Hysteria is the album stronghold that brings excellently executed black metal songs as a relief to your misery.
    ​If mixes of the songs were two bits better, my excitement toward Arctic Hysteria would be even bigger. The music potential in this bands is huge and Hladomrak deserves just much better studio production (just like Immortal) for their Northern black metal crafts which you can already hear on this album.

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