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Innerload is an heavy metal band that mixes different styles and influences from metal rock underground and traditional bands, creating an engaging sound made of power, energy and capturing melodies. Songs appears as a straight sound message, with original (but not baroque) structure. Lyrics are mainly facing current events, social engagement, or personal situation, though others songs lead to introspective and emotional themes or fantasy stories like in the traditional power metal style.


Heavy Metal Band from Italy


  1. Through The Inner
  2. Fake World
  3. Dancing Queen
  4. Eco Criminal
  5. Million Times
  6. Painful Freedom
  7. The Wizard

Label: SG Records

Format: CD Jewel box

Band website:

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2 recensioni per INNERLOAD

  1. From Metalitalia: E’ sempre un piacere ascoltare un disco di puro heavy metal ottantiano, classico diretto e senza fronzoli. Questo è, in sintesi, “React”, album d’esordio dei non giovanissimi veneti Innerload. Le sette tracce che compongono il lavoro sono suonate con convinzione, passione e tanta energia; il livello tecnico dei Nostri è più che buono ed anche la produzione si attesta su livelli più che lusinghieri. La band riesce infatti a catturare l’essenza e lo spirito della NWOBHM, coniando però un sound che non risulta troppo datato e che, al contrario, si dimostra in grado di stare al passo con i tempi. Le influenze ovviamente si trovano tutte nei primissimi Iron Maiden e nei Saxon, ma anche in gruppi meno fortunati come Tygers Of Pan Tang ed Holocaust. Anche la scena aldilà dell’Atlantico, precisamente quella thrash nella sua versione più morbida, reclama la sua parte all’interno di “React”, portando così quella ventata di sfrontatezza che tanto caratterizzava la scena americana nei primi anni Ottanta. Punto di forza del disco è la prova del cantante Marco Cortese, che, pur risultando abbastanza singolare e a tratti stentorea, riesce, forse anche per questi motivi, a rendere immediatamente distinguibile la band. Quello che invece non convince appieno è l’eccessiva lunghezza dei pochi pezzi presenti, che, in talune occasioni, paiono leggermente ripetitivi. Sostanzialmente, “React” rappresenta un piacevole ascolto per tutti gli appasionati del genere e ci consegna una band che, se saprà confermarsi su questi livelli e limare i pochi difetti di cui si è resa artefice, sarà sicuramente in grado di offrire dell’altra buona musica.

  2. From Metal Temple: With something that began like a SINNER kind of attack, I had high hopes. Nonetheless, as I went further into the opening song “Fake World”… Oh I am sorry; I forgot to introduce these fine dudes. This track is the opener of the Italian Heavy Metal band of INNERLOAD’s debut album, “React”, released via SG Records. Continuing my frenzy intro, after I had my high hopes that same track lowered my enthusiasm of the musical direction I was listening to. I wouldn’t exactly call it a tired material or performance, but in a way it lacked any kind of positive energies. However, from most of the way forward, everything turned out to be rather bright than the dimness I felt earlier on.

    “React”, with the emergence of “Dancing Queen” took me into several other Metal courses such a modernize version of NWOBHM and something like HELLOWEEN and IRON MAIDEN. Though Cortez, the band’s lead vocalist, didn’t strike me as one of those high end vocalists, and it sure shows, yet he has something comforting in his voice that suited the band’s music. Some would probably argue that there isn’t anything new on what INNERLOAD did on this album as most of the material played is mere NWOBHM along with German Metal manipulation by the book.

    On the other hand, I felt like INNERLOAD tried to break the traditional outcomes of the old Metal regime and let in something of their own. To say that it went straight, I can’t count on their full achievement, yet, they have several points where their attempts to reshape traditional Metal did go well. Thus, with the aid of influences of the past, such as the harmonious twin guitars and bass work affiliations, they created some nice moments that would imply of a promising road ahead. As proof I can direct you to fine tracks as “Million Times” and “The Wizard” that didn’t need the touch of gold to prove their worth. Also, do remember that “Dancing Queen” began the turn of events of the release and from there on the experience was far better.

    I think that for a debut, “React” is sufficient. Though can’t be crowned as an amazing success, this album is a good showcase of where this group is going. Whether breaking the chains of the past or protecting the old is their path, it is rather hard to tell because without tradition they would have been here in the first place.

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