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Formed in 2003 by vocalist Wade Black (ex-Crimson Glory, Seven Witches), guitarists Rick Renstrom (ex-Rob Rock) and Emo Mowery (ex-Nocturnus), bassist Stephen Elder (ex-Rob Rock), and drummer extraordinaire Richard Christy (ex-Death, Control Denied, Iced Earth, etc.), Leash Law is an underground supergroup mixing traditional melodic and power metal. Signed by The End Records, Leash Law released their debut album Dogface in 2004.


Power Metal Superband


  1. FIGHT

Label: Black Lotus Records

Format: CD Jewel box

Band website: Unknown

Band Facebook: Unknown

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  1. From Ho letto ovunque recensioni ottime di questo debutto dei Leash Law, band che vede tra le proprie file nomi illustri del panorama metal attuale, dall’ex-Crimson Glory/Seven Witches Wade Black al guitar hero Rick Renstrom, ma anche l’ex-Iced Earth Richard Christy alla batteria. Mi aspettavo un gran disco di heavy senza compromessi, invece mi sono trovato una pioppa incredibile fatta di melodie facili, soluzioni stilistiche banali e abusate. Questo “Dogface” alla quarta canzone mi fa venire il latte alle ginocchia e dopo aver sentito il refrain terribilmente catchy di “Stealing Grace” l’orticaria è tanto forte che viene da buttare dal balcone il cd.
    Al di là delle buone prestazioni individuali, con un Wade Black che si riscatta in parte dalla deludente avventura con i Seven Witches (ma “Astronomica” resta anni-luce distante), questi Leash Law riescono a confezionare solo canzoni di una banalità disarmante, e non basta il talento di Rick Renstrom per arricchire composizioni deboli e povere, in cui il songwriting è prevedibile e sempliciotto; lo stesso Richard Cristy si rende autori di parti di batteria anonime e incredibilmente monotone.
    Oltre alla già citata “Stealing Grace” si meritano la palma di canzoni orrende anche la opener “Fight” o la strafritta “Banion”, con la timbrica sguaiata di Wade Black assolutamente fuori luogo.
    Insomma, lasciate proprio perdere, e prima di fidarvi di chi vi ha parlato di “heavy metal senza compromessi, nella sua forma più pura”, date un ascolto ai sample che trovate sul sito ufficiale.
    Per quanto mi riguarda, un album easy-listening completamente da dimenticare, che non arriva certo alla sufficienza. L’unica cosa accettabile sono i testi, che perlomeno non trattano i soliti argomenti ritriti del power più becero. Per il resto, si tratta di un album assolutamente inoffensivo.

  2. From Metaltemple: Dogface is the debut album of this new heavy/ power metal band, featuring ex members of Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, Iced Earth, Rob Rock and Tiwanaku.
    Leash Law was founded by vocalist Wade Black (Crimson Glory/Seven Witches/Tiwanaku) and guitarist Rick Renstrom (Rob Rock/Tiwanaku) early in 2003.
    There’s no bigger selling point than the members of the band themselves. I mean, just read the names… Wade Black (Crimson Glory/Seven Witches/Tiwanaku), Rick Renstrom (Rob Rock/Tiwanaku), Emo Mowery (Nocturnus/Tiwanaku), Stephen Elder (Rob Rock) and Richard Christy (Death/Control Denied/Iced Earth/Tiwanaku). Looks like some of the strongest talents in metal are included.
    What we actually have here is the pure strength of US heavy metal combined with the emotion and melody of the European power metal. Strange combination indeed, quite impressive though. Actually there is a theme discerned throughout the album and that is mankind’s obsession with war. Leash Law found a way to fight all these laws that year after year are put into effect, seemingly to control our every thought, action, and desire. Music is the answer people.
    This album release, musically and lyrically, mainly focuses on how governments and politics guide us to our evanescence. Most of the songs are about the devaluation of human beings as our governments throw us into arbitrary conflicts, taking total control of society. On the other hand we hear some songs – calls to stand up for our rights and beliefs. There are also some independent tracks such as Hail to Blood, which seems to be a song about Caesar and the gladiators and Better When Betrayed, where the band examines the often ruthless and unmerciful nature of the music business.
    I am sure you all know Wade Black’s vocal lines, so there is nothing more to say other than that he is an excellent singer and knows how to control his voice. What I like the most in this release is the massive sound of the guitars, that appears to be a little bit in front of all the other instruments but without encasing the sound of the bass or the drums. Speaking about the compositions, I have to say they are very good although I believe these guys could do much more… judging from their so far very respective career.
    Dogface fulfills every standard for a successful debut album and makes us wondering about the following. There is also something else I have to add about the production. Leash Law was the first metal band to use a certain SSL 4000 mixing board. What is this you may ask… well, boards like this is were used in featured movies like Scarface, Top Gun, Superman III, and many more. Concluding I have to mention the smashing front artwork, which represents the total concept of the album in a perfect way.

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