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Begombic Bonkom


CD NEW AND SEALED (With Palstic bag,not sealed at the origin)

LUTOWRAT is formed in the early 2015 by the people of like minds. The band is based in Tomsk (Western Siberia, Russia). As early as in February of 2015 the musicians compose their first songs. In April of the same year LUTOWRAT plays its first show at Horned Folk Fest. During the same period the band records its first demo song titled “The knights of Jomsgard”. The following years the band frequently plays at local festivals and composes songs for the debut. By winter of 2018 the most partof the album is recorded. However the band decides to add one more track which is finally recorded in summer of 2018. Today LUTOWRAT is a quartet consisting of Giftmorder, Jotun, Thunderthrone and Warrior.


Black/PAgan Metal from Russia


1   Intro

2   Thunb

3   Dehe

4   Begomble Bonkom

5   Womerapaga Bumabu

6   Bowembgo Lenoro lora

7   Absurd Cover

8   Dydog

Label: More Hate productions

Format: CD Jewel Box

Band Website:


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Begombic Bonkom”

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