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Insignificant details

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The dream comes true: a new album from M.O.S. will see the light in September! Their debut-album “Passions”, released in 1989, widely received unanimously positive responses amongst the dedicated press, thanks to the band’s eclectic burning mix of Prog, Power and Epic Metal. MOON OF STEEL’s reputation quickly flew into international status, with the album breaking onto the charts in several European countries and Japan, following an enthusiastic review featured in the popular Metal-Mag “Burnn”. After a long break, due to personal reasons, M.O.S revamped in 1999 with the 4 tracks Mini-CD “Beyond The Edges” and with the participation to a couple of compilation-albums (“A Tribute To Dream Theater” and “A Tribute to Queensryche”, both released by Adrenaline Records). And now it’s the time for the real “bang”: after 3 years of hard and wise work, the long awaited come-back album “Insignificant Details” will be finally out! The new opus shows the band’s massive potential, moving easily from powerful yet melodic compositions to more intimate forays through thrashy rhythmic assaults. “Insignificant Details” perfectly reflects Moon of Steel’s new and modern direction, introducing the listener to a great band with a glorious past and a very promising future! No less than a Master-piece!!


Prog/Power Band from Italy

Track List:

1   What Will Remain
2   I Am
3   After All
4   Grey
5   The Wave
6   Details Pt 1
7   I Hear You Call
8   Forced (Your Way)
9   Waiting For The Moonlight
10 Details Pt 2
11 Details Pt 3

Label: Steelheart

Format: CD Digipak

Band website: Unknown

Band Facebook:

2 recensioni per MOON OF STEEL
Insignificant details

  1. From Metal Archives: The only reason that I know anything about Moon of Steel is because they looked vaguely interesting after trawling through a ton of black metal metal bands with only one demo to their name, courtesy of the ‘Random Band’ button. And to be honest, that’s a real shame. They’re so obscure that I couldn’t even find a link to download their album online, and I only had a couple of tracks from Spotify by a band under the same name to go by. But I bought the album anyway, based on a hunch that it’d be good. And it is. Prog doesn’t always do it for me, and Italian bands have a tendency to fall between average and lacklustre, at least in my experience. Yet Moon of Steel really do impress me.

    Originally the band had a male vocalist, and having heard some of the band’s early stuff featuring Andrea Ruggeri as vocalist I can safely say that the band isn’t the same with him on-board. His voice just kind of grinds my gears, and it makes the rest of the band insufferable as a result. Sarah Bonetti, on the other hand, has a lovely floating voice that works extremely well with the rest of the band. She’s quite diverse too, and in the faster, heavier sections she often uses a more powerful heavy metal kind of approach. For me though, the quieter gothic vocals are what set this apart from so many other bands, as they keep me hanging onto every second of every track even when it’s clear that the climax is still a long way off. It’s very well put together in that respect, and it ensures that there isn’t a dull moment on Insignificant Details.

    The rest of the band isn’t quite the same level as the vocal approach, but that’s not to say that they’re bad either. It’s just that there’s always a little bit too much of a buildup before they actually get to do anything interesting, and that leaves basically everything on Sarah’s shoulders. They’re fortunate that she delivers as well as she does, because otherwise I might be more critical of them. When the does get going, Gianluca Oliveri does some great things with his guitar. He’s got some talent beyond the monotonous power chords that he churns out for half the album. His solos are always awesome, and every chorus works well due to the more subtle inputs from him. Plus, just look at the guy. If he doesn’t personify the word fabulous, I don’t know who does.

    The bassist is actually audible at several points across Insignificant Details too because there is only one guitarist, and his playing is also quite strong. It’s just the right balance of featuring in the music without interfering with what anyone else is doing. He does a good job to fill in the gaps and hold everything together when Gianluca is busy soloing. Drumming is fairly unspectacular, but I can’t say I expected anything else. There are no blast-beats and everything is mid-paced. Not too exciting, but it does the job required of it at the end of the day.

    The album is for the most part a pretty good listen, but the one thing that irks me more than anything else is the inclusion of two fairly pointless interludes. They really don’t do anything except break up the album into three different parts, and I’d rather that they weren’t there at all. The intro also really adds nothing, and all three tracks together only make up about three minutes of run-time. It also annoys me that the three different parts of ‘Details’ are not placed in any particular pattern. Part 1 comes exactly halfway through the album, and then the other two parts are the last two songs. It’s just my OCD to be honest, but I’d rather that they were either all one after the other or split to have one at the start, one in the middle and one at the end.

    Besides those few things bugging me, Insignificant Details is a very strong performance by Moon of Steel. It’s been thirteen years now since this album was released and while the band is allegedly active a followup seems unlikely, but I’m going to pray that we get more of this band.

  2. From True Metal: I Moon of Steel sono un gruppo italiano “storico”. Nel 1989 hanno pubblicato “Passions”, un album parecchio apprezzato all’estero, poi c’e’ stato un lungo silenzio interrotto tre anni fa con un mini (“Beyond the edges”), ed ora i MoS ritornano con questo “Insignificant Details”. Non avendo sentito gli album precedenti non posso purtroppo fare un discorso di tipo “evolutivo”, ma anche basandomi solo sul nuovo lavoro posso parlare di diverse cose…
    Innanzitutto partiamo dal sound… in passato i MoS facevano del prog, quello che ci propongono ora e’ invece un insieme di gothic/prog/metallo ottantiano. Sulle chitarre, che spesso ricordano le band di quel periodo, sono infatti innestate delle atmosfere goth e il tutto e’ arricchito da venature tipicamente prog. Il risultato e’ che ci si ritrova di fronte a pezzi in cui le chitarre suonano in maniera parecchio pesante ed insistente, per poi diventare piu’ atmosferiche (e il basso riesce ad accentuare entrambi questi aspetti)… tutto questo mentre la voce di Sarah fa da protagonista oppure accompagna gli strumenti (che non disdegnano qualche cambio di tempo). Come gli strumenti variano il tipo di sonorita’, cosi’ poi anche la cantante passa spesso da tonalita’ “particolari” (in “I hear you call” quasi mi ricorda Bjork!) a tonalita’ acute, alterna momenti rilassati a momenti grintosi, tuttavia non si cimenta mai nel “cantato angelico” tipico del goth (il risultato e’ inizialmente un po’ spiazzante, ma si fa poi apprezzare).
    I pezzi sono tutti abbastanza omogenei e non hanno una personalita’ tale da renderli molto distinguibili l’uno dall’altro, tuttavia “Details part 1”, “I am” e “Details part 2” spiccano sul resto. In queste canzoni si fanno infatti notare dei begli arpeggi e delle parti di basso molto “emozionali” (che per qualche motivo mi hanno richiamato alla mente “Act 2: Galileo” dei Time Machine), inoltre certe aperture acustiche e melodiche sono davvero belle e non stonano con i momenti piu’ grintosi che vengono prima e dopo.
    Insomma, quello che rende questi brani piu’ convincenti degli altri e’ che la miscela e’ meglio riuscita, e globalmente convincono di piu’. Non che gli altri pezzi siano brutti, sia chiaro, pero’ spesso accade che alcune parti colpiscano piu’ delle altre (soprattutto quelle piu’ atmosferiche) e le canzoni risultano cosi’ meno accattivanti a causa di questa discontinuita’… E’ poi vero che tutto cio’ viene parzialmente risolto col crescere degli ascolti (all’inizio il disco si era rivelato piuttosto deludente, poi si e’ risollevato), tuttavia ogni volta che sento questo cd mi rimane addosso un sensazione di incompiutezza abbastanza forte (e non penso dipenda dalla ripida “curva di assimilazione” di questo sofisticato lavoro, che dovrei avere ormai ben “digerito”).
    Rileggendo quanto scritto sopra ho pero’ l’impressione di essere stato un po’ troppo duro… Al di la’ delle pecche evidenziate, infatti, questo “Insignificant Details” e’ un buon disco (e forse aspettandomi chissa’ cosa da un gruppo con la fama dei Moon of Steel era facile rimanere un po’ deluso), tuttavia ho l’impressione che il gruppo debba ancora trovare la maniera di incanalare perfettamente le proprie idee (tenete presente pero’ che queste sono considerazioni molto personali).

    Una piccola curiosita’ in chiusura, fatene quello che volete ma e’ una cosa che volevo evidenziare: questo album e’ piaciuto molto alla mia mamma (generalmente non apprezza cio’ che ascolto) che lo ha sentito per caso e, colpita dalla maniera in cui si accompagnano la voce e la chitarra, ha voluto prenderlo per ascoltarlo… che i Moon of Steel abbiano la capacita’ di farsi apprezzare anche da un pubblico digiuno di certe sonorita’ ?

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