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The Sins of Our Fathers



Mud Factory is a groove/death metal band from Vranje, Serbia, founded in 2012. They have won the biggest
band competition in Balkans ( Zaječarska Gitarijada ) and Serbian Wacken Metal Battle. Band is recognized for its energetic and
aggressive live shows. Mud Factory had live shows all across Serbia, as well as in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and
Herzegovina and Croatia. They’ve played every major music festival in Serbia and have been a support band for various touring
bands ( Planet of Zeus, Obscure Sphinx, Thy Disease, Kultur Shock… ). The band also founded their own metal festival called
“Factory Fest” which has been held 5 times already. Mud Factory had previously released two EP’s and now they’ve finished
their first LP album “The Sins of Our Fathers”, which was mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström in Fredman studio, Sweden
and supported by Wacken foundation

Stefan Milanović – vocals
Milan Stefanović – guitar
Nemanja Stanković – bass
Vanja Seneši – drums


1 As I Watch Them Fall
2 You All Will Suffer
3 Self-Proclaimed God
4 Essence of My Being
5 All Shall Be Erased
6 In My Inferno
7 They All Deserve to Die
8 Between the Dead and Me



T h e  r e r e a l  l y  i s  e v e r y   t h i n g  h e r e ,
f r o m  b r u t a l  d e a t h c o r e ,  t h r o u g h   t h r a s h
a n d  g r o o v e ,  t o  t h e  c o n s i d e r a b l e  i n f l u e n c e
o f  s t o n e r  s o u n d
– I n  2 0 1 3  t h e y  h a v e  w o n  t h e  b i g g e s t  b a n d
c o m p e t i t i o n  i n  B a l k a n s  ( Z a j e č a r s k a G i t a r i j a d a )

Artist: Mud Factory
Title: The Sins of Our Fathers
Style: Death Metal
Format: Digipak CD
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Cat.Nr: WHD233

UPC code: 8033622538615

country: Serbia


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The Sins of Our Fathers”

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