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In Exile



Pulsating with raw passion and a desire for anthemic melodies, Berlin based Noblesse Oblige have crafted their most polished and unapologetic work to date. New album release ‘Affair of the Heart’ presents a sophisticated pop opus, destined to unite the ears of dance floor dreamers and bedroom escapists alike.
Powerful male and female harmonies melt over an ocean of warm electronics, voluptuous dance floor beats and euphoric disco arpeggios, as you’re welcomed into a rich fantasy world of exotic spies, demonic preachers and lonely souls lost at sea..

“Affair Of The Heart is a romantic journey in the classic sense of the term. Our study of human passion from its most uplifting to its gloomiest…”

Formed after a chance meeting at a masked ball in London, French performer Valerie Renay and German producer Sebastian Lee Philipp have spent the last few years touring the European club circuit, picking up a Russian Music Prize for their chanson pop album ‘In Exile’ along the way

However, when it came to working on their latest release, the duo locked themselves away in a live-in factory on the outskirts of Berlin (at studio haven ‘Turmwerk’, founded by Chris Corner of Sneaker Pimps/IAMX.) Undisturbed by the rest of the world, they collaborated for the first time with mixing engineers David Wrench (Caribou, Bat For Lashes) and Harald Blüchel (Cosmic Baby, Energy 52) in order to bring a fresh dimension to their sound.

The result is an album that defies the isolation it sprung from and instead, shoots straight for the dance floor and into the soul. Harnessing pop sensibilites and a slick electronic production, ‘Affair of the Heart’ recalls the emotional energy of iconic 80s bands like EurythmicsTears for Fears and Depeche Mode, whilst also reaching out to fans of more contemporary favourites like HurtsThe Knife and IAMX.

It’s a far cry from their arty beginnings in London’s electro-punk scene, but if the album’s chilling and hypnotic cover of an Eagles’ classic demonstrates anything, it’s that not only are Valerie and Sebastian braving new territories; they’re creating their own as well..

“As an artist, you never know how the music will sound after you leave the dream world of the studio, and how it will translate into the real world of the listeners. The many moments of joy, the countless late nights we spent in the studio, and passionately worked on our music, remain particularly fulfilling moments in our memory. I hope that this energy and emotion are felt by the outsiders, and will entice them into our world…”

In short, Noblesse Oblige welcome you to share the pleasures of their new found pop universe. An invitation no one should refuse.

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Alternative Rock from UK


4 A.M. 3:37
Das Soldatenglück 3:12
Jalouse 4:07
Seaside Suicide 3:47
Tanz, Mephisto! 2:54
Barracuda 3:05
Hit The Bongo 3:31
East Of Eden 3:19
Duel 3:47
Monkey Business 3:37
Forbidden Time 3:24
Partners In Crime 3:21
All Or Nothing 4:03
Shame 4:56
Under The Floorboard 2:22
Tanz, Mephisto! 2:49

Label: Repo Records

Format: CD Jewel box

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2 recensioni per NOBLESSE OBLIGE
In Exile

  1. From refelctionofdarkness: Ex-London, now Berlin based duo NOBLESSE OBLIGE was formed in early 2004 by German songwriter / producer Sebastian Lee Philipp and French performer-cum- songwriter / chanteuse Valerie Renay after meeting at a masked ball in Hoxton during which Valerie was performing a live art show. Already two years later the band releases their first album ‘Privilege entails Responsibility’, the French translation of the band’s name; and became quite a success, comprising the two singles and club hits ‘Bitch’ and ‘Daddy’ (Don’t touch me there). After relocating to Berlin the two started working on the follow-up ‘In Exile’ which has recently been released.

    With ‘4AM’ it provides a calming debut that captivates through it’s ringing and partly rocking guitars as well as Sebastian’s restrained English vocals. ‘Das Soldatenglück’ is – as the title suggests – strictly kept in German that spreads a brittle melancholy and accentuates it short piano chords and wide strings apart from it being more rhythmic than the previous track. We jump to a different language with ‘Jalouse’ sung by Valerie in alluring French. Its instrumentation sprays the flair of Chanson as it strangely does of some instrumental interludes from the 80s I heard some time. The distant murmuring of the sea leads us to ‘Seaside Suicide’ equipped with minimalist electronic sounds, bass and casual strings; and when you near her singing “Seaside Suicide, the sea is cold” it’s like the voice is coming from beneath the waves and you’re starting to freeze as well. ‘Tanz Mephisto’ treads other waters again and combines both bongos and bleep electronics to an intriguing cocktail and Valerie aspirates the lyrics in German with w French accent. And sometimes you just can’t help but grin when listening to it.

    Wonderfully playful melodies and rhythms flash in ‘Monkey Business’. Not only electronically generated tunes can be found here like the wide atmospherics and programmed rhythms can be found here also varied percussion play harmonically falls into line with the sound cosmos and atmospheric is also a term that fits perfectly to Forbidden Time’ opening another wide sonic world you can easily get lost in when distant echoes reach your ears and adulating synth layers surround you while acoustic guitars burn out in the night, just to be broken for a short while by rhythmical fragments. The album is ended with style with ‘Under The Floorboard’ a pacey piece animating to dance and wondering about the turned in vocal performance.

    You can’t complain about a lack of diversity on ‘In Exile’. Brass arrangements, electronics, strings, guitar and more have been integrated into the songs and combined with lots of electronic gadgets – an album both inviting to freak out (Like the musicians sometimes) and to dream.

  2. From Ox Fanzine: From hipster nightclubs in Paris to S&M dungeons in Rome, back to warehouse raves and art galleries of East London”: das ist die Welt der Live Performances von NOBLESSE OBLIGE. Auch das zweite Album des Electro Duos aus Berlin ist ein gekonnter Mix aus Disco-Punk, französischem Chanson mit Sixties-Flair, militärischen Beats (mit deutlichen Einflüssen aus Gothic Horror Movies und African Tribal Tunes), “sündhafter” Folklore und reduzierten Akustik-Balladen (passenderweise tourten sie bereits mit den DRESDEN DOLLS).

    Die Texte sind wie gewohnt einem etwas schrägen Humor geschuldet und voller dunkler Obsessionen und destruktiver Fantasien. Spannend ist, dass Sebastion Lee und Valerie Renay mit Erwin Leder, dem Regisseur und Schauspieler, besser bekannt als der Maschinist “Johann das Gespenst” aus dem Film “Das Boot”, für ein gemeinsames Projekt in Kontakt stehen (für Edwin Brienens’ Film “L’amour toujour”).

    Ihr Fan-Imperium schließt unter anderem den Fotografen Wolfgang Tillmans und den Komponisten Michael Nyman (der bereits mit dem Regisseur Michael Winterbottom, unter anderem “24 Hour Party People”, zusammengearbeitet hat) mit ein.

    Die Musik von NOBLESSE OBLIGE trägt das alles in unterschiedlichen Facetten in sich: the dark side of hedonism par excellence. Ihr Song “East of Eden” erinnert ein wenig an die COCTEAU TWINS.

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