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Brutal Slaughter

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The band started in 2005 under the name “Teach Children to Worship Satan”. One song (Cyclops) remains from this early
period, written by then guitarist Irem, re-arranged and eventually recorded years later. Fredrik Alerud is to be the growler for some years to
come and long time riff-forger Börna took over after the departure of Irem around 2007.
With the introduction of new bass-player Piotr in 2010, the band was starting to take the form we recognise today, refining their sound and
changing the name to “Fist Fight”.
Writing riffs and drinking beers into 2014 they’re hearing some interesting bass playing further down the corridor. The young bassist Hampus
was persuaded to pick up the lead-guitar and join, making Fist Fight a five-piece. The first demo recording was produced this same year.
Playing some festival-shows here and there, the main focus is put on writing. During the next 3 years the band tries several different
growlers, with the eyes on a full-length album. Finally settling with the voice of Joel Nylén and changing the name to Odeum Deus, debut
album “Fist Fight” is recorded in a matter of days and released independently in 2018. The first album is released while the band is already in
the studio again, now with legendary producer Tomas Skogsberg in hunt of the metal sound. It is to be released as “Knife Fight” in 2019. The
collaboration works out great with Skogsberg and they decide to do it all again with another album, improving what they’ve done on the
previous album with the writing and production. Their earlier releases caught the interest of record label WormHoleDeath and this new third
album is signed with them to be released worldwide in 2021.

Hampus Andersson
Putte Zoltan Gösta Henry Andersson Kerekes
Piotr Dominik Kostrzewa
Björn-Erik Sjölander
1.Putrid Forever
2.Ancient Roots All Knowing
3.Bend and Obey
4.Destructive Psycho
5.You Deserve Even Worse
6.Hairy Midgets
7.Walk On Difference
8.Filthy Whores
9.Pitch Black
10.Satan Will Come Back Again



O d e u m  D e u s , t h e  n o  b u l l  s h i t  m e t a l
b a n d  e v e r y b o d y  n e e d e d , a r r i v e d  t h r o u g h  S a t a n s
m e t a l  v o r t e x ,  S w e d e n .
T e n  t r a c k s  o f  c o n c i s e , t o  t h e  p o i n t , d a r k , h e a v y  a n d
f r o s t  b i t t e n  m e t a l .
S a v a g e  D E A T H  M E T A L  t o  t h e  b o n e . N o t  f o r g e t  t o
m e n t i o n  t h e  G R E A T N E S S  o f  t h a t  a r t w o r k . C h e c k i t
o u t  n o w !

Artist: Odeum Deus
Title: Brutal Slaughter
Style: Death Metal
Format: Jewel Box CD
Label: Wormholedeath Records
Cat.Nr: WHD250

UPC code: 8033622538691

country: Sweden

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Brutal Slaughter

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