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The Extraphysicallia

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The name OF THE ARCHAENGEL refers to the occult concept of the duality between light and shadows, with Archangel being an hierarchic position which can be attributed to high or low entities.

In the year of 2001, the band made-up by the guitarist Alex Rodrigues was called LETHAL CURSE , and was active for 11 years, being nationally known by the underground metal community because of its serious and professional work during those years.


Since the beginning, in the gray city of São Paulo in 1992 and with a power trio line-up, the band already showed signs of being ahead of its time. On its only demo tape, entitled Return to Obscurity, they played what was called at this high doom metal — in a mix with the typical sound of 80s Brazilian metal– being one of the Brazilian pioneers in such genre.


The band was featured in the first heavy metal CD compilation released in Brazil, entitled The Winds Of A New Millenium I, in 1995, and released a full length, entitled Rape the Innocence in 1998, when they signed a deal with the traditional label Cogumelo Records . In the same year the group had its first line-up change, when the drummer and co-founder F. Stocco left, and replaced by Pedro Alzaga. Keyboards were also added, when Paulo Moura joined the band starting the quartet line-up era.


In the following years they performed in lots of shows in underground venues promoting the album, including the notorious tour with the Greek act Rotting Christ in 1998, (almost a historical fact since it was the first black metal band to tour in Brazil after the Venom tour in 1985) promoting the bands name to a bigger crowd.


Still in 1999, the Everlasting Alone track was featured in the Belgian compilation Sometimes Death is Better (Shiver Records), and in 2000 they were part of Tribute to Sarcofago (also featuring Satyricon

and Impaled Nazarene)


2001 marks the beginning of the movement of Alex Rodrigues (guitar) Paulo Moura (guitar / keyboards) and Pedro Alzaga (drums) to an expansive vision, eliminate the shadow of the direct musical influences of the group to build their own sound and take their it to a new and broader level, perpetuating its dense form of composition. A search for a musical soul taken to its most sincere and true level.

These changes lead to a second line-up change and put the bands career at risk, because the lack of a bassist and vocalist until the end of 2002.
In this period the band invests all its energy creatively reinventing itself, and with the joining of the vocalist A. “Laurence” Funes, they record new songs which later became the promo / demo “The Dante’s Children Extravagance”, released in 2005, when the young Lucas Barone (bass) joined the now named OF THE ARCHAENGEL, a name chosen to reflect the rich and occult lyrical themes developed by the quintet.


2006 arrives with a new and unexpected change of line-up: the departure of vocalist A. “Laurence” Funes, limiting the groups existence to studio until the first half of 2008, when they recover their enthusiasm after awakening the interest of Sleaszy Rider Records and beginning the negotiations for the release of a new album with worldwide distribution.

The obstinacy to reacquire the road-band status leads Alex Rodrigues to be responsible for the vocals, and Kleber Fabianni (ex-Harppia) is called for its position on the guitars. With this line-up OF THE ARCHAENGEL recently played pre-release gigs of its upcoming album “The Extraphysicallia” in Brazil along with the highly respectable Opeth and Paradise Lost.



Dark Metal from Brazil


1 Black Raven 6:32
2 Water Flows Through The Slimy Walls 6:36
3 Ascending Coils To Lead 9:20
4 Platino 9:11
5 Sun Shaped Archangel 8:27
6 With The Dragon’s Hand 7:06
7 The Silence Of The Dead Things 8:35
8 Consent To The Devilish Fantasies 8:33
9 Leaving The Inebriant Well 8:24

Label: Sleaszy Records

Format: CD Jewel box

Band Website: Unknown

Band Facebook:

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The Extraphysicallia

  1. From Metal Temple: Brazilian metal… ever since Sepultura, has struck a chord with me. With no nonsense fury and explosiveness, Brazil has offered up some of the most extremes in metal… and then there are others that you cannot categorize into one pigeonhole. One of these acts that you cannot pin down is a band called Of the Archangel.

    Of the Archangel is a band that is seriously very hard to actually describe, but that is my cross to bare. With so many styles and influences go into this bands sound. I here shades of Progressive, odd ramblings into a bleak vortex that is Avaunt-guard and all stirred up with an injection of blasphemous and cold hearted symphonic Black Metal. Sounds really interesting, does it not? If you ask me, I just have one reply – Hell fucking yeah!

    With nine solid and well made tracks in this album, it is hard to pick out the best. I would have to pick two that really stood out. The first was “With The Dragon’s Hand”, a song that had the wickedest riffs going, not to mention the nastiest of lyrics. The other was the dark and brooding power of the epic “Black Raven”, where it swirled and pounded your very soul… while the vocals pull you into that forbidden netherworld of pain and fears.

    I cannot deny that Of the Archangel is by far the sing most impressive debut in a long while… what is more impressive is that I can tell that they have more talent to spare. I can’t wait to hear the progress that the band will no doubt will go on to. This album blows me away like none other – just think of the possibilities that are still there to discover.

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