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SHAMAN Immortal


CD NEW AND SEALED (Cd is sealed with a siae stamp that seals the opening of the cellophane sachet)

Shaman is a Brazilian progressive and power metal band assembled in 2000 by three musicians who left the band Angra – Andre Matos, Luis Mariutti and Ricardo Confessori. The band was completed with guitar player Hugo Mariutti (Luis’ younger brother – both of them also play in another band called Henceforth).

Shaman changed its name to Shaaman due to legal reasons, but the issue was solved and they renamed it back to Shaman.

In October 2006, Andre Matos officially left the band along with the Mariutti brothers.

Confessori reformed the band with a new line-up featuring Thiago Bianchi on vocals, Léo Mancini on guitars, Fernando Quesada on bass and Junior Carelli on keyboards. They recorded two albums as Shaman and did the touring cycles before Confessori decided to leave the recordings of a third album in which the rest of the band decided to move on with Hangar and former Angra drummer Aquiles Priester and use the name Noturnall instead of Shaman.

On 29 June 2018, Shaman announced a reunion of their original lineup to tour in celebration of their 17th anniversary, which was interrupted with the unexpected death of the vocalist Andre Matos, on 8 June 2019.



Immortal è il terzo album della band brasiliana power metal Shaman, pubblicato nel 2007.

È il primo disco che vede la band completamente rinnovata; resta infatti solamente Ricardo Confessori (ex-Angra), detentore dei diritti legati al nome del progetto, mentre il resto della formazione è composta da musicisti completamente nuovi.

Tracklist :

  1. Renovatti – 2:59
  2. Inside Chains – 4:24
  3. Tribal by Blood – 4:18
  4. Immortal – 5:54
  5. One Life – 5:04
  6. In The Dark – 4:18
  7. Strenght – 4:17
  8. Freedom – 4:44
  9. Never Yield! – 4:47
  10. The Yellow Brick Road – 8:18

Label : Scarlet Records

Format: CD Jewel Box

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