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Bane & Rebirth



Establishing a name as a hardcore band from Central Kansas is not easy, but Skies continues to fight against the odds to find their place in Midwest Hardcore. The mission of Skies is to do away with apathy, negativity and oppression. The band hopes to promote a positive, drug free lifestyle that brings brotherhood and unity back into hardcore





Hardcore from Center Kansas


1 Radiance 1:41
2 Disease 3:23
3 Change 2:37
4 Sorrow 2:51
5 Doubt 3:59
6 Discord 2:17
7 Passion 5:39
8 Stength 3:18
9 Heart 4:38
10 Rebirth

Label: Bombworks Records

Format: Cd Jewel Box

Band website: Unknown

Band Facebook:

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Bane & Rebirth

  1. From If you still haven’t understood why the Metalcore scene has wiped itself out almost as quickly in the past few years as it built up its pioneers, you only need to reach for records like “Bane & Rebirth” to take hold. The current album of the US five tries its hand at the various forms of expression of the brutal material, but leaves any passion on the track. The result is still not a standard work, but for the most part an album that lacks bite, punch and all those attributes that one learned to appreciate on the records of the scene fathers from the first to the last second.

    The men from SKIES act rather weakly, especially in the first sections of the new long player. Songs like ‘Disease’, ‘Change’ e ‘Doubt’ are breadless art that doesn’t get any more spectacular if you try to make them more demanding with a few haphazard breaks. Strangely, the quintet certainly has qualities that deserve attention, but the actual creative output is concentrated on the finish line, where you skilfully scratch the curve with ‘Heart’ and ‘Rebirth’.

    Up to this point, however, far too much energy has fallen by the wayside that could have been planned more sensibly. If you take the lame riffing in songs like ‘Discord’ and ‘Sorrow’, you seriously ask yourself why the band is satisfied with such below-average, completely sap-free arrangements. And these are just examples of moments of which more are represented on “Bane & Rebirth” than the inclined listener would like.

    So the verdict in this case is clear: SKIES, or their new album, is rather drab, largely dispensable Metalcore material, which cannot even compete with the middle third of the table of the scene. Point!

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