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SOWN were born in the 2002, following union of six guys joint by an authentic new millenium metal style passion, a team characterized by two charismatic vocalists, Angelo “Angel” Rissini and Nicola “Bonny Boy” Boni. After the first demo recorded in the 2004 called “Unforeseen events”, an important step for the band’s growth, that got the guys on the most important italian stages (Rainbow Club, Transilvania Live, Sottosopra, Keller ) and some european stages, like Mochvara Zagreb Festival, now Sown are on the second step of their story with “Downside”, the first official album. A great album for all the matalcore lovers and for anyone that love the modern metal evolution. Available since september 2006 by Fuel Records, the brave label for many years promoter of genuine italian underground band like Dark Lunacy & Infernal Poetry. Distributed by SELF with ANDROMEDA support, a famous italian distributer of “Metal world jewels” – Fifty minutes of “ Resoned Violence” -, This is a sentence used to define all the Sown concerts since the first concert. Critics compared Sown to Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, DevilDriver, ingnite, but also to the “classics” Ektomorf, Earthtone9, Mudvayne…these conflicting ideas mean an interesting varied personality to find in this album “Downside”. Between all the great tracks, we would like to report: Sweet smiling stars, Seven , Crawling at the bottom and Hoggish. Besides, Included in “Downside” a felt tribute to Dimebag Darrell” with Suicide Note PT.1.

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New Metal from Italy


  1. Sweet Smiling Stars
  2. Crawling At The Bottom
  3. Seven
  4. Overrule
  5. Gaping Wound
  6. Hoggish
  7. Ever Increasing
  8. Primal
  9. My Time
  10. Suicide Note pt.1 (Tribute To Dimebag Darrell)

Label: Fuel Records

Format: Cd Jewel Box

Band website: Unknown

Band Facebook: Unknown

2 recensioni per SOWN

  1. From Metalitalia:

    Chissà qual è la motivazione per cui, in Italia, ad un certo punto si arriva ad ottenere risultati soddisfacenti in qualsi tutti i campi del metal, ma è (quasi) sempre maledettamente tardi. Parliamo di nu metal: la stessa sorte dei simpaticissimi Cherry Stone tocca qualche mese dopo ai Sown, giovani della zona di Treviglio che esordiscono con un sorprendente debutto su Fuel Records. Una sintesi eccellente di Deftones (nelle dinamiche), Soulfly (nell’approccio hardcore) e Godsmack – leggasi Alice In Chains – (nelle melodie vocali) li vede brillare sapientemente da “Sweet Smiling Stars” alla cover di “Suicide Note pt.1” dei Pantera, con una disinvoltura ammiccante e delle costruzioni oramai canoniche ma fluidissime e trascinanti. Anche loro vogliono, come è caratteristico di moltissime band nu metal italiane, protagonisti due cantanti che si intrecciano in tutti i pezzi tra screaming claustrofobico e schizoide a melodici stralunati (purtroppo a volte poco ispirati). Il riffing down-tuned è perfetto e vario, sebbene leggermente sotterrato dalle parti vocali, causa la volontà di emergere di entrambi i cantanti: un peccato perché, sebbene molto buoni, raramente qualcuno dei riff vi rimarrà in testa. Tra un delirio tormentato e un sussurro sofferto ci si diverte parecchio per questi quaranta minuti, anche se il tutto sa un pochetto di già sentito l’ascolto resta godibilissimo. La preghiera è che il combo guadagni in personalità.

  2. From Metal Temple: Some of the biggest database sites for Metal bands did not contain anything for this band. At first I was frustrated, until I checked the band’s official website and found out that Italy cannot only produce Gothic, Power and Black Metal bands, but the modern Metal scene is alive and kicking in our neighbour country. SOWN are a really interesting band and you will see the reason below…

    SOWN were formed in 2002 and featured two singers from the start of their career. They have released one more demo CD and have participated in four compilations with covers or original tracks. They have signed a contract with the Italian Fuel Records and they have recently released their debut album entitled Downside.

    The Italian metallers have chosen to follow a more modern and experimental path in music, since their sound features elements from many styles like Nu Metal catchy breaks, PANTERA style groovy riffing, Thrash Metal assaults, some SEPULTURA touches and many more. Some people call their music Metalcore, while others call it Crossover. I don’t like giving names to different musical styles, so I will just call it modern Metal. The band has managed to dress its debut album with a more than good sound that makes them able to compete with many big names in the Metal scene.

    The PANTERA cover they managed to include to the album is really good and as they say, this is their way to pay tribute to PANTERA’s fallen guitarist Dimebag Darrell. While listening to Downside I ended up realizing one thing, these guys are more PANTERA than the crappy HELLYEAH

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