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Sick of pitch black

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The female fronted Modern Metal Band XENESTHIS shared stage already with METALLICA and SLAYER. Their second album “Thou shalt not” is out since the 14th of May 2011.

A lot of bands try to create a distinct style – only a few succeed. XENESTHIS is one of these bands. No direct comparisons with other metal heroes will come to your mind. Between LACUNA COIL, SCAR SYMMETRY, DREAM THEATER, DEADLOCK and IN FLAMES XENESTHIS create their own melodic universe.


Heavy / NU Metal from Austria


1 Death Will Take Us All 3:14
2 Home-Made Oppression 4:17
3 This Burden 4:39
4 Shades 3:24
5 Time To Win 4:23
6 Upper Class Romance 3:30
7 Rise With Us 4:45
8 Thrills 3:46
9 Lines 3:59
10 Still Bulimic 3:22

Label: Noise head records

Format: CD Jewel box

Band website:

Band Facebook:

2 recensioni per XENESTHIS
Sick of pitch black

  1. From Metalunderground: Austrian metal band Xenesthis, whose name is derived from a type of tarantula spider, released their full-length album “Sick of Pitch-Black” in 2008. The band takes a familiar formula and sound of melodic metalcore in the vein of Killswitch Engage or In Flames and adds a twist by replacing the typical clean vocals with female vocals, which alternate with the screamed vocals or a melodic singing chorus in typical metalcore fashion. Musically the band plays very similar to Killswitch Engage, but faster like their contemporaries such as Divine Heresy. Still, the screamed vocals are often more reminiscent of Killswitch Engage.

    The promo sent for review contained only three tracks, which are probably enough to gauge the caliber of the band and their full-length version of “Sick of Pitch-Black.” The opening track, “This Burden” storms out of the gates strong with some nice speed and change-ups. Then the short, choppy metalcore riffs kick in. The clean female vocals and screamed vocals are alternated, as expected, in a tried and true formula that works for just about anyone. “This Burden” is probably the best of the three songs on the promo.

    “Death Will Take Us All” starts up with a more melodic intro before increasing the rapidity to a frantic metalcore pace that reminds me of a number of Divine Heresy songs. The chorus is almost solely clean female vocals, which I find detracts from the song overall. “Home-Made Oppression” starts off aggressively enough, but features even more female vocals in addition to the melodic chorus, pushing the song into negative territory for me. Later in the song, the female vocals actually work well, but it is too little too late.

    Overall, Xenesthis’ clean female vocals did not impress me and the band sounds like little more than another run of the mill metalcore act. Check them out if you are into this style of metalcore, but don’t expect much in the way of innovation.

    Highs: Fast, fairly aggressive metalcore with some good licks here and there

    Lows: Generic melodic metalcore with female vocals that add little to the equation

    Bottom line: Check out what Xenesthis has to offer if you’re a fan of melodic metalcore.

  2. From XENESTHIS (health!) Is not a particularly memorable band name. And that the number of letters in the information from the record company was promptly changed once, almost a logical consequence. There are already one or two troops in this world, but something more handy that you haven’t forgotten two minutes later is certainly still on offer.

    The Austrians go through on their debut either as a slimmed-down version of INTO ETERNITY or as an old-school, keyboard-free and more varied version of the pushed SONIC SYNDICATE. The latter means that the five-man is also familiar with SOILWORK and the two generations before it. XENESTHIS make themselves interesting through the successful balancing act between subtle tinkling and many catchy moments as well as the alternating vocals (woman sings, two men roar), which do not cause a gigantic yawn. The vocal hopping is just as cool as with DEADLOCK and has nothing to do with the gothic metal drawing board nonsense about the grunting Diethelm protecting his warbling yodel peeping Käthe. And above all Katrin Bernhardt stands out positively. Her voice, which is located in the middle registers, sets her apart from the majority of singers who are currently scurrying around in the metal scene, and the melody lines are creative, although they could be a little more precise at times. But what she is able to achieve together with her colleagues is shown by ‘Death Will Take Us All’, the strong ‘Home-Made Oppression’, ‘Shades’ and the excellent ‘This Burden’, the best song of this debut, which was timid at times looking over at PSYCHOTIC WALTZ. It is understandable that these parts occupy positions one to four on the disc.

    Even if not every number on “Sick Of Pitch-Black” comes close to the opening quartet, it never falls below a good level. And the self-confidence to hide great tracks like ‘Still Bulimic’ and ‘Lines’ (great lead riff!) At the very back of the CD suggests that XENESTHIS have more plans and don’t want to leave it with this album. One should keep an eye on the band, especially since they already do nothing worse than various established bands.

    Check out tips: This Burden, Home-Made Oppression, Death Will Take Us All

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